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Why you need a domain name

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Get to look up for an IP address I think that a waste of time for user, from all publishing platform to a multi-website, search engine, web apps need a domain of their own to establish their own online presence, owing your own domain gives you extra control of your website and content you create and easily give access to user that visits your site. One would say that domain name can serve as a medium for brand control that a smart choice of owing that domain.

And if it may seem to you about the domain issue you ask your self you need a domain name for your site. In this guide, we'll cover all the importance of having a domain name to register a website.what is a domain name and why do you need one to set up a website. It doesn't matter the platform you're going to use for your website you still have to register a domain.

What's a domain name?

This is the way to my house. A domain name is an online address that a user uses to access a website using a web browser. A domain name is a link to an Internet Protocol (IP address), an IP is a unique string of number and character of a particular site, with the use of an IP address you can access websites, but it is hard to remember the correct IP because of all the string and character. So the domain name is a representation of the IP address in other for the user to quickly and easily remembered the name of a particular website like

When a user types in a domain name into a web browser, the browser uses the IP address it represents to access the site.

All domain name ends with an extension, a unique one which represents a site, .com which is the most useful and most popular of all extension and others follow such as .org, .net,.tech, .store and more each of this extension distinguish a site with the use of the Top Level Domain (TLD), there are also country level domain name such as, .in .ng .ca and Governments Level Domain governments .gov.

Each of these Top-Level Domain has their respective prices, when you are considering registering a domain it can cost from as low as $5 to $50 depending on the name you're choosing. Most domain names cost more, mostly for the new TLD like .bio .store than the commons once like .com .net.

Why brands are using the new TLDs, brands are making a unique move to offer uniqueness to their businesses, this new extension may be the perfect option for expressing brands in the most vibrant way. 

Looking up an available domain name

If you have a unique name in mind, you can register it through an independent domain registrar, like Namecheap,, Hostinger, DreamHost or any other company you'll be hosting your site with. If you don't have a website yet or you're planning to you can still claim ownership of that perfect domain name and hold on to it until you are set to set up your website 

You can check domain name availability through one of the domain registrars' website and web hosting providers. Because before you buy a domain name you must check if it is available or has been taken by someone else, this is because all domain name is unique and you can't use or owned a name that is already taken. But you can make an offer for an existing domain name from its current owner, or from a marketplace or domain auction site that brokers unwanted or unused names at varying prices.

The reason you should get a domain name

Large and rich, full of opportunities to create an online presence. The internet holds as much information you can think of, from where the resource is free or paid. And you can start creating a platform in no time with a free or paid service, a free service allow the user to claim a space for posting contents, video, and images. This site allows the user to create another website like setting up a portfolio without building a website from scratch.

These sites demonstrate that it’s possible to have an online presence without owning your own domain. But if your aim is to be widely visible and build authority for your brand, these platforms and social media sites have considerable drawbacks—problems that can be avoided with the purchase of your very own domain name.

Unique and easy to recall 

Each and every website on the web has a domain name, it is unique to the site. Your domain name is your identity on the web when you have a good domain name it will be easy for the user to remember and not some random numbers. That why it is key to pick the right domain name. When registering a domain, stick with simple, straightforward, and creative options that can be remembered by all.

Domain has authority

When you host your site on the third-party platform, you might be limited while giving you a subdomain name is your business name, this may seem unprofessional and may limit your business opportunity. Why we need to avoid this can of the situation is using a self-hosted platform and register your own domain name which can gradually gain authority on the web and able to scale your business.

A domain name can let potential customers and clients know that you’re a legitimate business with long term plans.

You owned and control your domain

When you registered a domain be for your business you owned and control it without any third parties interference. When you own your own domain name, you can set up your site with any hosting provider you want to. The content you place there remains yours to move from one web hosting provider to another.

Even if you don't have the intention of owning a website now and you can think of a domain name; buying it will reserve the name just for you but as long as you continue renewing the domain fees.

If you want to run a personal blog registering your own name as a domain name might be a good idea to identity. 

A domain of your own is a must-have for building confidence in your brand or business, a domain name isn’t strictly necessary in order to create a presence on the web, but you should, however, consider owning a domain name; it gives you more control over your online business and the content you post, and how user is able to remember your site name.