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What is Google Assistant and how can i use it?

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Smart voice is taking over plain text, when you think of super-smart voice Assistant you think of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa. Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple Siri, are range of different smart AI speakers for a human assistant.

Meanwhile, we’re focusing on Google Assistant: on how it can be used for your travels, recommendation, hotel booking and more.

They implement google Assistant in all Android smartphone which has an important place in the device, with the AI Assistant you can do more with your smartphone from playing music to making phone calls and reading the news. The Google AI Assistant can also help you in your travels and also able to control smart devices.

All Android smartphone has a Google AI Assistant already built into it and can be easily accessed while holding down the Home button.

The benefit of smart voice Assistant is becoming more relevant, with the ability to help you control your home and also check what going on around you, so if you’re about going for a vacation in a new destination, or trying a new way to play some music, or want to get the latest news or in need for translating a language here’s how you can use the Google Assistant to work while using voice command.

Works on phones and tablets with Google Play services and Android 5.0 or higher. Google Assistant uses your phone internet connection.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence voice assistant that is used on both mobile and smart devices, a virtual assistant developed by Google. The Google Assistant competes with another smart voice assistant like Amazon Alexa. Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple Siri. 

Google Assistant evolves from an Android feature known as Google Now although it no more but the Assistant remains.

Google Assistant support all smart devices, OS and wearable devices.

Meet your Google Assistant, your own personal Google

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

How can I use Google Assistant

In using Google Assistant on your mobile, the Android device seem to be better why? because Google developed the OS and AI assistant, which is prompt to work well in Android devices with the base using a voice command system. While the Apple Assistant Siri is found to work well in iOS, because the same manufacturer of the iPhone developed it, but there is a way to tweak this from Hey Siri to Hey Google in iOS.

In Android to activate or triggered Google Assistant you have to say the keyword “OK Google” or “Hey Google” or hold down the Home button. You can then ask Google Assistant questions or give it a command. If you said OK Google and nothing happen, it seems the feature is turn off and you have to turn it on in your settings. Go to Google service and preference in your Android settings, go down and click on Search, Assistant & Voice, click on Voice then Voice Match to turn on the feature.

You can also enable Google Assistant by opening the Google Assistant app, or the Google app in the update tab or download the app from Google Play Store.

Google Assistant for iPhone

For iPhone users wanting to get the Google Assistant app, you can download it from the App Store. To use the AI Assistant you will have to open the app to give a command. You can use voice keyword activation for iPhone like that of Android “OK Google”. But first, make sure your device is running iOS 12 or higher.

Download the latest update of Google Assistant from the App Store, open the Google Assistant app and tap on the button in the bottom right-hand corner, you will see an option to add Google Assistant to Siri.

Tap on “Add to Siri” and it will prompt you to record a voice command, you can use the suggested “OK Google” command, or any other command and you’re done.

Confirm it’s working by saying your chosen voice command.

How to install and manage Google Chrome extensions

Craving for more features and function on your Google Chrome web browser, with extensions you can customize Chrome and add unlimited features to your browser. From using dark mode to adding a custom function work. Your Chrome browser can be customizable by adding extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Google Assistant for Maps

Google Assistant can work with Google Maps to get you through places just by using voice command.

You can ask Google Assistant to check for traffic update and know if a road is closed just by using voice command, you can ask Google Assistant to help you find the best route home (this can only work if you have marked a place as a home on Google Map), just say the keyword word “take me home” to Google Assistant, and it will retrieve information from Google Maps to show you the best route based on your current location.

You can also check for traffic updates and get the latest information about redirects and closed roads, which is especially useful if you’re driving.

Book hotels and flights with Google Assistant

Planning a vacation or your next trip, you can make use of Google Assistant to book your hotel. Moreover to book a hotel with Google Assistant you have to apply certain command for the instruction to work, to book a hotel use command like “book a room at [hotel name] at [location]” or “book a room at [hotel name] at [location] for [travel date]”.

You can ask Google Assistant for tips and price, enjoy asking for “things to do in London” and like “how much does it cost to fly to Berlin?”

How to convert currency and translate a language

Now you’ve traveled to yet another country and currency varies from your and you’re not sure how many pounds you get for US dollars, you can ask Google Assistant for the conversion rate and the conversion will be given.

While you can’t even speak a certain language, you can ask Google Assistant for the Italian word for “hello” and the translation will be given. Just say “what’s the Italian word or hello” and the assistant will answer your query with the answer “Ciao”.

What Can Google Assistant Do?

  • Manage Tasks
  • Send A Text, 
  • Set Reminders
  • Turn On Battery Saver And Instantly Look Up Emails.
  • Plan Your Day
  • Check Your Flight Status
  • Make A Dinner Reservation, 
  • Check When Your Movie Starts
  • Find A Coffee Stop Along Your Route.
  • Control Music On Youtube Music
  • You Can Also Pick Up Where You Left Off On Your Favorite Podcasts With Your Assistant On Google Home.
  • Your Assistant Makes It Incredibly Simple To Find Your Photos — And To Take Them As Well.
  • How Do You Say One Coffee Please In Spanish? (You)
  • Un CafĂ© Por Favor (Assistant)
  • How Many Dollars is 3 Euros? (You)
  • Three Euros Is About $3.18 Dollars (Assistant)
  • Get Real-Time Answers Including The Latest On Weather, Traffic, Finance, Or Sports. 
  • Quickly Find Translations While You’re Traveling.
  • Is The Kitchen Light On? (You)
  • The Lights Are Off In The Kitchen (Assistant)
  • Turn The Temperature Down (You)
  • Alright, Turning The Temperature Down (Assistant)
  • Adjust The Temperature, Lighting, And More, 
  • Find Phones With The Google Assistant, And More, 
  • Find Phones With The Google Assistant