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Amazon Echo devices: which one should you buy

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If you’re looking for any Amazon second or third-generation device that you can control with your voice you have a lot of options to choose from. Even if you want to control your voice assistant to play podcasts, music or you like the aspect of controlling your connected device in your home–even make calls and make it fashionable with the Echo Look.

Anyone above if not more; the Amazon Echo device might be of help in other for you to best utilities your time we are focusing on the Echo devices. All the Amazon Echo speakers we will discuss below come with a built-in digital assistant named Alexa.

To ask the device anything you have to say the keyword “Alexa” and then your question follows.

Here is a lineup we have picked for the 2nd and 3rd Echo devices. Want to find out why all Echo devices differ from each other here is their uniqueness.

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Amazon Echo Plus 

  • The $149.99 Echo Plus has a built-in Zigbee radio so you can connect even more smart home devices–with a deal you can get it for $109.99 and save up to $40
Automating your home with the Amazon Echo Plus that has an in-built Zigbee hub that allows you to control your smart home devices—find smart lightbulbs, lock door and sensors. The Echo Plus is all on one without having to buy a separate hub. The Echo Plus comes with an improved sound for streaming music.

Amazon Echo Show 5

  • The $89.99 Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch screen and a camera, it is built with privacy in mind—with a deal you can get it for $64.99 and save up to $25
Privacy is hidden; the Amazon Echo Show 5 is built with privacy in mind, the Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch display screen a built-in camera–which you can turn off in one click. You can watch TV shows, movies and never stop streaming on those cool music. The Amazon Echo Show 5 can be placed near your bedside wide a digital clock at the face.

Amazon Echo Spot 

  • The small screen has everything about Alexa–at $129.99 Echo Spot can show you things and read the news
You want a smart speaker with a screen, but don’t have tons of space. The Echo Spot has it–from all features and functions that Alexa has, you can get the news, view calendar, play music which also displays song lyrics and all other audio streaming services you can connect to. You can personalize your screen with a photo background.

Amazon Echo  

  • The $99.99 Echo is the 2nd generation version of the first-ever Alexa smart speaker.
The speaker with better sound quality – play cool music with the Amazon Echo, ask the question, make calls, control your smart home device, send and receive a message, get instant sports score – all with Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Dot 

  • The $49.99 Echo Dot is a great into voice-enabled smart home control – with a deal get it for $29 and save up to $20
The Amazon Echo Dot – a plan to take over your home, connect with smart home device, ask Alexa question and make calls, it small per say for the lowest cost here, it easy to setup. If you don’t want to get in with those big smart speaker i bet the Amazon Echo Dot might be a good option.

Amazon Echo Show 

  • The $229.99 Echo Show comes with a 10-inch screen so you can see security camera footage.
Smart speaker with a wide display screen – so cool – The Amazon Echo Show has a 10-inch screen which can enable you view live feed of your home security camera – the Amazon Echo Show can perform other functions from asking Alexa question, music streaming and watch TV show. The price tag for this is the highest on this list and with the largest screen display size.

Amazon Echo Look 

  • The $99.99 Echo Look... 
Like the name implied “Look” – then see the beautiful design – the Amazon Echo Look, this one’s pretty but not a fan of calling or messaging. Echo Look does not offer calling and messaging with Alexa, and Bluetooth connectivity. With Echo Look, you can use Alexa to take full-length photos of your daily look using just your voice. Ask “Alexa, how do I look?” for real-time feedback on your outfit and receive smart, specific, and fun styling advice.