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1 million subscribers for Ninja on Mixer – Five days after leaving Twitch

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Ninja left Twitch to Mixer; a Microsoft owned platform for game streaming, just after five days of streaming in its new platform “Ninja” Blevins is boasting of 1 million active subscribers on Mixer. As per say Mixer made him jump from Twitch because of its current deal he had with the streaming platform. He tweeted yesterday  “we hit 1,000,000 active subscribers on mixer thank you for all the incredible support. I haven't felt this good in a long time”.

Ninja Tyler Blevins

Blevins tweeted when announcing the milestone he has accomplished within just five days in the platform. “I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

Mixer as we know or if you don't know is a smaller platform that hasn't become wide though while compared to other streaming platforms like Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch.

The move from Twitch to Mixer is something any streamer can do because of the deal – if you opened up site you will be asked to subscribe to Ninja for free and that a good deal, which can make the platform grow by introducing Ninjas fans from Twitch over to Mixer and new fans as well.

But the question is this – what if the subscribers will not stay after the free watch on Ninja and then the fans will be move to pay a monthly fee to continue watching Ninja streaming while receiving exclusive perks.

Will Blevins’ fans follow him from Twitch to Mixer?

One million subscribers over five days are very impressive for a platform like Mixer, nevertheless, some are still in the struggle in pursuit of 100k subscribers. Blevins’ popularity and the strength of his personal brand make him achieve this. Blevins’ channel is an attempt to bring as many people over to the platform in as short a time as possible.

After the free watch for Ninja runs out, the price tag will be seen. Mixer streamers can also earn money through the platform’s Sparks currency, similar to Bits on Twitch.