How to turn on dark mode on Twitter for Android and iOS

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Know how to turn on twitter dark mode for Android and iOS. The dark color scheme for twitter is a one way click without no further delay let get on it.

Techvocast Quick teaches you how to switch from white theme to a dark theme color scheme in Twitter for iOS and Android.

TT Quick is a fast tip on how to get something done in no time without exception for the main cause straight to the point.

We are not going to go against our normal routine on how to set things up, but in some cases we take these chances for Techvocast Quick.

There are just three simple step for turning on dark mode in twitter for mobile.

Step required for enabling dark theme for Android or iOS

1. First thing first you got to open the twitter for Android, if you haven't download it you can do so here for Android and iOS then create and account or login.

2. Click against your profile picture which is located at the top left corner of your Android screen

3. A menu slide will open, scroll down and you will find a bulb icon (💡) you can click to it to enable dark theme on.

After enabling the dark mode option Twitter will be set to a dark background color scheme with light text and these make it much easier to read at night which is cool i think.