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Huawei to lay off hundreds Of US workers

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After a recent crash between the US executive and Huawei in May about national security; the US issued an order that allow all US companies from selling softwares and hardwares part to Huawei –which cause to the prevention of Android security update in Huawei mobile phone. As a result of this cause Huawei will no longer buy part of its softwares and hardwares sources for it products from the US. And later last month the ban was drop, the Trump administration has indicated that things likely won’t change until the two countries resolve their differences.

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And now the Chinese Company is planning to lay off hundreds of workers in the United States due to the cause of the event that has happen in recent months. The news was reported by The Wall Street Journal, the company which has been in a struggling and refining state as per say in the Trump administration while putting a ban to Huawei in order to stop the trading between any US companies and Huawei for the prevention of potential security threats and amidst with the ongoing US-China trade war.

A research subsidiary called Futurewei Technologies is where Huawei is going to lay off US workers, the subsidiary operate a curious number of research labs. And the company will allow some Chinese employees to move back to China in other for them to remain within the company.
Mate 20 X 5G

Huawei is currently patenting his own OS in several countries and the company's is set to release it new 5G mobile phone this month (Mate 20 X 5G) The OS will be called the Hongmeng OS in china and ARK OS in different country – the company said the OS will be 60% faster than Android. Huawei OS will be compatible with all Huawei phones, tablets, TV, and wearable devices