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How to enable dark mode for Gmail

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As a result of the trend for a black theme, Google has nearly implemented a dark theme to all its app, although the Gmail app for dark mode has been release and now we are diving into it, in our recent post we show how you can enable twitter dark theme and YouTube dark mode. Here we show you how you can enable dark mode for Gmail to have a better night look on both desktop and mobile.

 Gmail Dark Theme

The latest release of version of the Gmail app on mobile now support dark mode for both operating system, by using the wide display dark mode on Android and iOS you can turn on dark mode for Gmail app. The dark mode makes it easier for user to operate at night. From changing your white background color scheme to a black one. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Evernote, Google Keep  all has dark mode, the development of dark mode is now, companies are turning their apps to support dark theme and the Gmail app is not left out.

To use the Gmail dark mode you need to be running the latest version of Android and iOS, Android 10 and iOS 13. There's no way to activate dark mode within Gmail itself, it can only be enable when you turn on the system wide display dark theme.

All you have to do is make sure you download the latest version of Gmail and your smartphone should be running iOS 13 and Android 10.

Dark mode for Gmail mobile

Download the latest version of Gmail, open your phone's settings, scroll down to 'Display' for Android and for iOS select 'Display and brightness',
activate the 'Dark theme' toggle for Android and  tap 'Dark' to change the theme for iOS wide display and launch Instagram to see the new theme.

Gmail respects the system wide dark mode settings on both operating systems, so if you switch to dark mode in iOS 13 or Android 10, your Gmail app will also switch to dark mode. There is no way to toggle Gmail dark mode on and off in the app itself.

Turning on the wide dark display for Android and iOS, all apps that support dark mode will also turn including Instagram.

Gmail dark mode for desktop

To change from a white background color scheme to a dark theme you need a browser extension called Stylus, Night Eye or Dark Reader. This extension can change your white background into black give you a nice looking dark mode on the web.

We are using Google Chrome browser, so in Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and search one of these extensions–Stylus, Dark Reader or Night Eye and install the extension to your web browser. Activate the extension to enable dark mode on. This extensions can also be use for Facebook web and WhatsApp web and Instagram web.

Another way for enabling dark theme for Gmail web is through theme selection. Go to Gmail website, open your account and click on the gear menu button at the top right corner of the Gmail website and select the 'Themes' option.

Note: in case you are using classic Gmail or the new Gmail the option is in the same place.

A selection of themes will be displayed in other for you to use the basic dark theme click the black 'Dark color' and it will change your standard white theme color to black. There are different rates for black per say this is an example, if you want a much darker theme you scroll down and select the 'Terminal theme', this will turn your current theme color into a more thicker dark color.

If you’ll like to use the default Gmail white theme, just go back into the Themes dialog option and select the standard Light Theme and all changes will be made asap.