How to enable dark theme for Gmail

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As a result of the trend for black theme, Google has nearly implement dark theme to all its app, although the dark theme for Gmail has been there long enough and now we are diving into it, in our recent post we show how you can enable twitter dark theme and YouTube dark mode. Here we teach you how to enable dark mode for Gmail to have a better night look.

 Gmail Dark Theme

How to turn on dark mode for Gmail, to change from a white to a black background follow these 3 steps.

1. Login to you Gmail account and click on the gear menu button at the top right corner of the Gmail website and select the “Themes” option.

Note: in case you are using classic Gmail or the new Gmail the option is in same place.
menu icon

2. A selection of theme will be displayed in other for you to use the basic dark theme click the black “Dark color” and it will change your standard white theme color to black.
dark theme

3. There are different rate for black per say this is an example, if you want a much more darker theme you scroll down and select the “Terminal theme”, this will turn your current theme color into a more thicker dark color.

If you’ll like to use the default Gmail white theme, just go back into the Themes dialog option and select the standard Light Theme and all changes will be made asap.

If you want to use your custom image design with the dark theme you can upload it as well to do this click the “My Photos” link, at this point you can either click the “Featured” tab to select from Google-chosen backgrounds or click the “My Photos” tab and select any photo from your Google Photos account.
My photo upload

In other for you to see the image you want to upload, you must first head to the Google Photos website and upload it to your Google Photos storage.

After selecting an image of which you want to upload, click “Save” to save your changes.

Gmail will use the dark theme with your selected image shown in the background.