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A passwordless windows 10 update

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Password suck – who said that? I didn't, when you keep on tapping on the same number of keystroke every minute and then boom a shortcode appear. Microsoft is planning a Passwordless option for Windows 10 Update; which is in a beta test right now. PC is now going to work without password, Microsoft has been working on this feature in the last 5 months in other to achieve the progress they are in right now while removing password from windows 10 and all Microsoft Account.

Windows 10 update
Image: Windows Blog

The feature which is not yet available to all is still in the beta test the windows blog says. So if the Microsoft Windows 10 does not use password – what does it use; the new lock authentication is going to use Hello face, fingerprints biometric and PIN code. The password will be nowhere to be found if the Passwordless option is turn on.

“This feature is currently being rolled out to a small portion of Insiders to test this new feature and the above option may not show for all users in Settings.”

“Enabling Passwordless sign-in will switch all Microsoft accounts on your Windows 10 device to modern authentication with Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN.”

A Why Reason for Passwordless

Nevertheless, people often seem to forget their password easily, why the coming shortcode have stepped in to avoid the user to crake their brain in remembering a tough and complex password – and reusing the same password all over again. If other tech companies such as Google, Apple, Dropbox, Box can come up with a new way of getting into our account and devices it will be accepted by the user with great interest in mine.

Is it that people don't like long process like the two-factor authentication methods – nevertheless this method prove to be a security pass for accessing your account and PC but people just don't like long process before getting in their own PC or account – with this in mind it must be the reason they came up with Passwordless option. Microsoft argues that a PIN code is far more secure than a password, even if it seems more simple to use a four-digit code.

Microsoft plan now for windows 10 update is to allow people to remove the password option entirely from the login screen.