YouTube dark mode for Android and iOS – How to turn it on

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My eyes is pulling off because of the light, no i want it bright and shinning. The YouTube dark mode had long been introduce, but why now am I giving this tip on how to turn dark mode on or off who knows why. YouTube for Android and iOS, using dark mode is awesome i actually like the look and feel while using the dark mode.

So if you are turning your side over from white to dark theme or vise versa you got us pop in. reducing the brightness can limit the amount of light from your phone display; if you still decide to use the white theme. White text over a dark background or dark text over a white background. For you to enable dark mode you need the latest YouTube app which support it.

If you want to turn on dark mode in YouTube here is how you can actually turned it on and off.

Make sure you have the latest version of the YouTube app on your mobile phone, once you open the YouTube app,

Tap on your Google account icon in the top right corner of your screen,

Scroll down and tap on the “Settings”.

Tap on the “General” section in the Settings menu – scroll down to see the “Dark theme” option, to turn it on or off tap on the slider to turn on dark mode.

If it isn't worth it, you turn it off.

So which style the you prefer the YouTube dark mode or normal background color.