How to enable dark mode in YouTube On Mac and windows PC

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Is it that we have various dark primary color like dark theme, dark mode or night mode for our application, o sorry  just kidding they are all the same forget about the names. Basically you can switch from your previous primary color to any other color from blue to black or even gray it also depend on the app capability if it is integrated to it system. But for most application they only support two color variant which is the white and black theme.

YouTube has these two variant and you can choose any depending on how you want it, if you love watching YouTube at night like i do i bet you definitely need a dark theme. So if you definitely want to enable dark mode for a pleasant look – it is so easy from the web. And this will stop your eyes from pulling out and it also prevents your device from lighting up the whole room at night.

As you all know or if you don't, enabling night mode turn all light surface to dark.

So without further delay let get straight to the article on how you can turn on YouTube Dark mode for both PC and Mac as we have previously written an article on how you can enable night mode on Android and iOS device.

1. Open your prefer browser in a flash you can navigate to YouTube site, type in the address bar

2. Click on your profile icon or the three dot icon at the top right corner of YouTube web

3. Click on the Dark theme switch to turn it On. YouTube will change its colors to a black background with lighter text when you click the switch.

You can save your eyes from pulling off because of the light reflect, the dark mode also help in focusing on the video.