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How to know if anyone blocked you on Facebook

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Okay, you think someone blocked you on Facebook and you can't seem to know who or maybe you do who knows, my friend why did you blocked me, friend: I don't want you to see some of my personal updates because I don't like you. Me: who cares about your personal post I haven't' think of mine so while should I think of yours. Even if you are a model or something else you can still get blocked by someone maybe the person is just tired about you or something just came up and the person decided to blocked you.

Why did you get blocked by your friend on Facebook is it that your communication suck with these friends or what. Facebook can't tell you that hey Rachael just blocked you on Facebook and you can't be able to message him or see his post ever again in your life ..... that not my handwriting. So since they won't tell you which of your friends have blocked you on Facebook how will you know.

Someone blocked you on Facebook mean that you won't be able to see their posts in the news feed and cannot be able to send the message, no more profile everything will just be gone as if it wasn't there before.

If the person has also deleted his account you won't see his name on the search page. Maybe there are just tired of everything Facebook has to offer or want to keep some pace in between.

Take for instant, one of my friends blocked me on Facebook for no reason who knows, and I didn't know per say I want to my messenger to search if I could find out previous chat but nothing, look further and type in his name in search bar but it was empty then I could say that this friend has blocked me on Facebook.

Or you could still figure it out by using the search box of a friend profile place to search for his name, of course, if you both have a mutual friend with the person who has blocked you.