Google is relocating its US-bound Nest device and server hardware out of China

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Google is Said to Be Moving More of its Hardware Out of China.

The production US-bound Nest Device and Server was shifted to Taiwan and Malaysia.

The US official says Chinese-made Motherboards are a Security Risk.

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The movement of its production of US-bound Nest device and sever hardware is for the cause to avoid the tariffs as high as 25%, Trump tariffs push Google to boost it manufacturing out of China and now the company has already shifted its production of the US-bound motherboard to Taiwan. The move are in subside for the US-China trade war and stating by the US official that chinese-made motherboards are a security risk.

The cost of moving it production US-bound Nest device was a cause on the issue of chinese-made motherboard are a security risk. The pushed was made for the US-bound production of Nest device to Taiwan and Malaysia.

Google moving more hardware out of China, the relocations of data center is not only for Google as many US companies and others are moving their production center away from China. Company that sell to the US are now considering moving their manufacturing out of china.

China is see as the world workshop for manufacturing and production company but now it seem that companies are relocating because of the US-China trade war.

Foxconn said on Tuesday that it has enough capacity to make all iPhones bound for the US outside of China if necessary, although Apple has so far not asked for such a shift as reported by bloomberg.