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Instagram new policy to removed account

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Instagram ain't smiling as the company is working on a new policy for account removal in order to maintain the community guidelines. Recently Instagram bans Alex Jones for who knows what, and now they are setting up a new policy to remove any user account that does not abide by its community guidelines.

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The new policy is going to change how accounts will be removed from its app, with a new set of policy this guidelines will determine if they we ban you after violating the policy at a certain percentage, although the company said that they won't disclosed many times the user violates the policy before removing their account, because it doesn't want bad actors to take advantage of the system.

The account will be removed after an undisclosed amount of violations and an undisclosed window of time the company said. And it will be the same measure for every user in the platform.

Instagram can decide to ban someone if the user account post more offer or less (this can be a problematic situation for an Instagram influencer), the more account posts, the higher the number of violations and Instagram may strike.

Instagram is trying to make its platform safe for everyone, that why there keep on updating their community guidelines. If you are on Instagram you can follow us @techvocast.