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How Facebook is Using Surveys to Change your News Feed

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Survey data to personalize your news feed. Facebook is using surveys for better understanding and identifying your favorite links, friends, and family in other to know how they can rank higher in your news feed, as the purpose of your news feed is to see what's happening around you as well as the latest update from friends, family, and pages. That why Facebook is changing the way posts appear on your news feed by showing you the most relevant from people that matter to you.

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This will best clarify how posts appear on your news feed, if you interact with a post from a page you'll see related post and update from that page as most relevant to you because it's what you want to see. Posts from family and friends, and news articles or videos from pages you followed will now be ranked at the very top of the page, Facebook said in a blog post.

it’s not about the amount of time someone spends on Facebook, but rather the quality of time spent, Facebook said, this focus on making sure people see what they want to see.

Facebook uses what its users like, comment on and share and surveys to get more context about the posts people want to see and who they want to see them from.

Surveys were used to determine how people often interact with each other and who they have marked as close friends and how many mutual friends they have.

Facebook asks users to list friends they are closest to in other to understand the signal.

Facebook's looks at friends who are tagged in the same photos, friends who continuously react or comment on the same posts, and friends who check-in at the same place, Facebook uses this prediction to inform their algorithm.

With this algorithm and surveys conducted, users will likely see posts higher in the news feed from those they have close relationships with.

Facebook said that the changes aren’t meant to show more or less from Pages or friends. Rather, the Page links that are surfaced to people will be ones they find worth their time and the friend posts will be from friends people want to hear from most.

The prediction model continuously, as the company said they will keep pace with the new action and interest.