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Facebook's F8 keynote conference what's coming

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The future is private, is the future really private or should I be grasping about what's coming? Facebook F8 developer conference keynote hold yesterday and guess what the company is done announcing what will be coming into play starting from May. The company discloses several updates and releases that will be coming to its corresponding social network from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger to Oculus. It's going to be hot.


Privacy issues here we go again, you have been with us since the beginning, please stop, don't continue. Facebook is trying to regain its trust in its users because of the privacy scandal. Today at the F8 keynote Mark Zuckerberg said that the "future is private." He his trying to encourage social, while helping friends and family to connect with each other.

Mark Zuckerberg said in his keynote speech that lots of people mistrust Facebook and that Facebook has given them a good reason to do so.

What's coming on the F8 keynote, Facebook makes mention of numerous updates to Instagram, Facebook Messenger,  Secret crush dating as well as Oculus. The Oculus just got a new VR headset to upgrade the Oculus Quest and Rift S. A new dating features that could bring you to close together (you know what I mean). Shopping on Instagram so cool! this could be a plus for influencer. A new desktop app version of Messenger,

Facebook is said to be working on making Messenger completely end-to-end encryption, but they don't know the date was this will happen, weird.

Here's a roundup of all the announcements made today, Keynote.

Oculus Get An Upgrade

Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S will be arriving this month, May 21st in 22 countries. The new virtual-reality headsets, the Quest is wireless and independent. The Rift S is PC-dependent. It has higher-resolution displays and a better field of view than the original Rift.

Both the Quest and the Rift S are $399 each; with an option for more storage with the Quest (128GB, rather than 64GB) for $499.

Secret Crush Let Hook Up And More Country

Facebook introduced a new feature for the dating service which was released last year, the feature is called the "Secret Crush". If you definitely want to connect to your secret crush on Facebook this app might give you a chance. And the dating service will be expanding to other countries.

How to hook up with your secret crush, create a secret list of Facebook friends you’re attracted to or should I say your crushes, and If they’re using Secret Crush feature and add you to their list, Facebook will notify the two of you that there’s a match.

Facebook's Messenger App Will Get A Major Upgrade

Messenger is getting a really turn up, shaping the way we communicate, the user will be able to connect and communicate with Whatsapp and Instagram users within the app.

Facebook Messenger is getting lighter and faster. The company have being redesigned it in other to take up less space on your phone. Facebook is working on all communications to be made end-to-end encrypted on Messenger but no date is confirmed.

And you will stop using Messenger on desktop because Facebook is launching it desktop app for Mac and windows, the app will include all other features in mobile as well.

Instagram Has An Update

Instagram, where almost all influencer are set to be, Instagram is said to be testing a feature that can hide the likes on any person feed so that you won't get stuck on the neck for not having any. The feature is getting a test run in Canada, and if it proves popular, you see it in your account in the next few weeks.

Instagram is updating it's camera interface and adding a new “Create Mode,” which gives an Instagram users quick access to effects and interactive stickers. New donation stickers in the US will make it easier to raise money for charity on Instagram.

Instagram is testing out a feature that lets people buy products from inside the app, from artists, athletes, and other creators, you'll soon be able to shop on Instagram without leaving the app.

Facebook Is Redesigned

The redesign is to help people to expand their  circles of social friends, this features allow any persons who has something in common with you. This feature is called Meet New Friends, it’s offering an easier way to find events near you as well.