AI: When a computer can learn on the job

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The Jobs were Created

Will AI take our jobs?, or will it create more, here is a keynote to read about, the Advancement of AI technology is changing the way job are being run, where computer is now able to perform human task in an effective way. The circulatory increase for the improvement of AI is as much as increase or decrease in jobs that are available. If technology can make life easier for us by recognizing your voice and image i bet there are more coming to the desk.

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We constantly improve how technology can make our life easier with the use of AI technology, that is, it's already started taking place where smart devices uses AI in variety of things like the camera which can identify people, animals, or a portrait, this is the work of AI. With just a set of AI application the revolution is closer than we think.

AI will Reshape Jobs

Jobs in AI are growing faster, many countries like China has started making AI to become one of the most Envelope and emerging technology in the world.

AI can carry out the jobs of an employee while leaving them alone on their own thought. What if AI create more jobs than it we destroy, there is a 50% chance it will. AI are point in different industry from self automated cars, drones to robotics, the implementation of AI is in this category will self enhance and outperform humans in various aspect.

An AI system can store unlimited amounts of information to be able to solve problems in our society and the world as a whole. The AI can enable machine to respond to its environmental situation as well as critical changes.

Every soon enough we will have self driving automated cars which will lower the percentage of car driver when it's uses for commercials purpose and can reduce this jobs that is available to human.

AI will help drive jobs creation in cyber security, as the technology advance in this section, cyber criminal are ready to spend the whole day trying to find a way to get to the AI machine while finding a way to compromise it and just to destroy it for the sake of what, and this hackers, malware creator, and other threats as well will grow exponentially, we will required a lot of developers, testers, and security experts to take down this malware and hacker, this can cause an increase in jobs with AI.

From a global perspective, China is home to the most AI professionals right now, with 12,113 AI jobs, the report found. The US came in second, with 7,465 AI professionals, followed by Japan (3,369), the UK (1,597), and India (1,326). from TechRepublic.

Development will Reduced Deduction

Why workers are being replaced by AI in some aspect is that the employer see no need in keeping the employees anymore since the workers are not developing themselves in improvement, and this can cause the implementation of the AI machine to take the responsibility of the employee.

The workers need to developed themselves. When a company sees that their competitors adopt this technology and begin to make increase in sales and production, it will make them adopt the AI too. And when workers developed themselves and learn how this AI works in their industry it will help them stay relevant in their company and improve growth in the company.