The Advent of Next Generation Robotics

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Automating the Cutting Edges

Robotics a new way to see everything. How would robotics take over our lives to make it easier?, the new existence. Technology as it seem is still expanding, where as robotics in the other aspect goes about how it affect our lives from where robotics is being implement with AI, VR and AR as well as others machines and devices. The advancement of robotics is rapidly increasing in numerous ways, where robots has become an increment in several computing device as such has a lead in control with AI.

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Robotics will play a major roll in production process for industry without any or less user interaction. Robotics will have a direct interaction with human through the implementation of AI.

So How Can Robotics Solve World Problem

In technology as well as in this business world tech company has come a long way through the improvement in automation and robotics AI, where robots range from different aspect in performing a specific or general task. Industry, military and other section has a way of using this robotics.

Machines are programme and designed to carry works that are impossible for humans to work on. The industrial machines help in the manufacturing and production of goods.

Robotics of next generation has an increase in improvement, with AI, robotics have come to the level where problem solving is simple, when an AI Robot gather information and fact about a situation the execution is simple.

1. Service Bot

Industrial and online services bot  is an improvement with development as a new business opportunity. One way to keep an eye on customers stability is using a service bot. Thus this service bot maintain and integrate robot deployments with multiple Industry in other to satisfy customers when any query is function as a request.

2. Industry growth

Industrial growth will become a big time boost for company where robots are delivered to demanding company. Robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) will implementing automation into their processes while avoiding large upfront capital expenditures and reducing the risks associated with maintenance and upgrades. Growth for robots will be driven by personal assistant robots assistant, customer service robots, autonomous vehicles.

Task specific Robots will be the order of the day, this single concept will create deplomacy to create out one specific task and this type of robots will be developed exponentially because the robots has been programme to carry out task perfectly.

3. Cobots

One of the way AI and automation is improving is the creation of a new and collaborative robot.  Cobot or co-robot is a robot intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace. A cobots can work directly with human to perform as specific task at hand and they can be programme and guided to work for a limited period.

This robot can serve a medium in reducing the world week time of an operator in an industry, this robot can join with human to produce a work flowing environment. One of the most effective ways a cobots can bring in the industry is the interaction with human.

4 Automated mining

How automated mining can change the way operation are carry out. The automated mining  involve less user or worker interaction, automated mining involve the application of instructing robotics vehicles with the use of technological equipment. The mining industry is in the transition towards automation.

Automated mining can help Increased Safety underground, mining can be a risky underground, with flameable material and others dangerous absent, we can use this technology to help in mapping dangerous site underground by using drones or robots.

5. Cloud robotics

Cloud Robotics  is a field of robotics that attempts to invoke cloud technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centred on the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services for robotics.

Different model all around, when there is this there is that, cloud technology is next to the big thing, cloud technology can be applied to computation element of robotics. With the use of computing resources, company can share information more efficiently. When AI and machine is being used in the cloud performance can be scaled, as well as maximizing effectiveness.