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Facebook F8 developer conference keystone today at 1ET

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Facebook developer conference F8 keystone starting today at 1 ET (Eastern Time, US), where the company shares how they can improve the social aspect in communication terms and showing up new features that are in respect to improve the general public needs.


The conference is not just for the developer

Not at all, the conference is not just for companies as well as developers and creators, the conference typically holds the presentation of the newest feature for Facebook and other initiatives of the company, from where the company will talk about improvement in augmented and virtual reality.

Facebook will not only be in the future of its social media companys but increment in outlining the possible way of privacy and security question. It is well as much that Facebook faces a lot of privacy and security issues recently.

In other, for you to view this conference live there are possible ways for you to serve access to where the company is live streaming F8 through its multiple channels. Here’s how F8 2019 will be accessible online.

The main F8 website and its Developer page for Facebook, on Oculus device, watch in VR through Venues.

The Conference starts at 1PM ET (Eastern Time)
New York: 1PM
San Francisco: 10AM
London: 5PM
Berlin: 6PM
Moscow: 8PM
New Delhi: 10:30PM
Beijing: 1AM (May 1st)
Tokyo: 2AM (May 1st)
Melbourne: 4AM (May 1st)
Nigeria: 6PM
Hong Kong: 1AM (May 1st)
Australia in Canberra ACT: 3AM (May 1st)
Germany: 7PM
Indian: 10PM
Ukraine: 8PM