15,000 subdomains remove by Godaddy for fake sales site

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GoDaddy had takes down 15,000+ subdomains that is being used for online scams. Godaddy which is a web hosting and domain registrar take down subdomains that were use as scam to sell fake product, which lured user to a potential risk for making payment to these scammers.


A potential Risk

These subdomains has said to be a potential risk to user who taught about the product sold in this site as a realistic. The site which is a scam of course sells products like weight loss pills, CBD oil and other product related. 

These scammer used legit website that is breached, using back door or others to add subdomains to create theirs, in order to boost their sale and getting customer to pay for the fake product as well as using fake celebrity endorsements. Why we any one fall for this.

Celebrity names used in these scams include Stephen Hawking, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Wolf Blitzer, the Shark Tank TV show, and others.

The Investigation started

The investigation of these scammer started, Jeff White who was the Networks security researcher for Palo Alto started researching the network of sites 2 years back, when he noticed a spam messages that looked visually similar and used similar language.

Ever since then, Jeff White has been collecting spam email that the scammers have been sending out.

GoDaddy wasn't the one who made the discovered but Jeff White.

What did Godaddy do

After the investigation Godaddy remove 15,000 subdomains or even more hosted on its servers and reset passwords for compromised accounts and notified impacted users about the situation.