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Samsung opens experiential Bixby studio in Barcelona

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Starting from February 23, Samsung Electronics’ AI platform, Bixby Studio offers visitors the chance to experience Bixby’s capabilities across a range of Samsung mobile devices, appliances and smart applications, showcasing how Samsung’s intelligent platform. With a top notch Samsung is bringing Bixby to Barcelona.

Bixby is expanding its services to the European users by supporting four different new languages, which include British English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The Studio is made up of each dedicated Zone - The Welcome, Home, Vision, Kitchen and Gaming Zone - which then provides a comprehensive look at Bixby’s AI-powered capabilities and allow visitors to trial Bixby experiment point for themselves.

The AI platform cover feature to simplify the user daily life, from categories such as weather, music, travel, restaurant recommendations and navigation.

The experience Points in the Welcome zone allow visitors to meet Bixby and learn more about the AI platform.

Visitors to the Plaza Catalunya Bixby Studio are able to trial a localized range of the Spain Exclusive capsules to provide information on topics like soccer, food and hotels.

And in the Home and Kitchen zones, attendees can see how smart home appliances have become even smarter with Bixby’s intelligent voice assistance abilities.

The Vision Zone, visitors can experience Barcelona in a new way through Bixby’s smart location plotting as well as a 360° Look Up platform,

The Gaming Zone, visitors can take on Bixby in a range of entertaining gaming classics such as Tic-Tac-Toe on dedicated Experience screens.

Within the first 24 hours of the Studio being open as said by Samsung Newsroom around 600 people stopped by to learn more.