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9 apps all young people should have

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So you just can't stack things up and you think you might want to make a change in your life. Most people spend their time useful in just a handful of tools of apps.

App trending on the app store, with more than enough app to choose from, over more than 2 million apps, new app are being uploaded every single day, so there is plenty of apps to choose from with real value and worth. Here we've hand-picked some of the best apps for young people.

Best app for young people

1. countdown +

Don't want to make excuse to your self for not being on that cool evening event, with Countdown you can keep track of the day and have a countdown to that exciting event you don't want to miss.


2. SafeTrek

SafeTrek, this is one of the best safety apps you can think of, when can I use this; if you feel you are being followed or walking down a narrow part and you notice someone is on your tailor you feel you life is at risk with safeTrek you can call the police automatically, by pressing a button that says,  Hold until safe it will call the police automatically and notify them where you are if you let go of your phone.

3. TuneIn Radio
Getting bored, let break that boredom with the Tunein Radio app, this app contain over 100,000 radio station that includes music station and sport mainly. Listen to your favorite program and let the boredom break.

4. Horizon

I always forgot to record my video in landscape format and this normally causes the video not very much interesting because of the vertical format. This is normally common, anyway with the Horizon app you can record video in horizontal or landscape format regardless of the way you hold your phone.



5. money

Spending too much this app is just here for you, Level Money is a budget app that will tell you how much you can spend on any given day or week. Just connect it to your bank account, and then put in your sources of income, your recurring bills, and how much you’d like to save each month, and it will calculate your “spendable” cash.

6. Sleep Cycle Power Nap

Overslept, Sleep Cycle Power Nap helps you avoid oversleeping by playing a gentle alarm when the appropriate length of time has passed. Handily enough, it also includes a recovery nap mode and a single sleep cycle mode that lets you go through one full sleep cycle so you don’t wake up in the middle of REM sleep.

7. Action Movie FX

The Action Movie FX app lets you add a special effect to your recorded and recording video, let you add movie effect like car crashes and missle strick to any video. This is just for fun. But it comes with a fee.

8. Walk-Up Alarm Clock
Tired of oversleeping, Walkup Alarm clock, once the alarm sounds, it won’t stop until you’ve walked at least 10 steps. You can adjust the number of steps to up to 100, so it’s sure to work no matter how deep a sleeper you are.

9. Radarscope

It is the weather, wants to know what happens with the weather this app will provide you with the best and most up-to-date radar views of the world.