How to encrypt your Android device

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Encryption a step toward securing your data, Encryption stores your data in a form that can be read only when your phone or tablet is unlocked. Unlocking your encrypted device decrypts your data. Encryption can serve as a protection to your device in case it is stolen.

On an encrypted device, all personal data gets encrypted. This includes things like your email, texts, contacts, Google Account data, app data, photos, media, and downloads. Some non-personal data, like file sizes, aren't encrypted.
Device Encryption

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Encrypting your device is not a one-stop solution for protecting all of your data and information, when your device is encrypted it can only be read by the correct data reading.

Encrypting your device is more than just a screen lock for your phone. If your mobile device is encrypted your music, photos, apps, and account data can’t be read without the correct password, this is use to encrypt and decrypt files.

How do I encrypt my Android device?

If you want to encrypt your Android device, it's seamless easy and it work for all android devices the same way. So we guide you through on how can encrypt your Android device. The mode for enabling encryption might has seamless Change a little bit but all the same there work the same in encrypting your device.

To encrypt your Android device, just navigate to "security and location" in your Andriod settings, down to "device admin" and click on Encrytion and credential. Your settings might be different depending on your phone but all the same, the encryption tap is under security.

Tap on Encryption and Credential you see an option to “Encrypt phone”, before you encrypt your device make sure you set a screen lock on your smartphone, this is what you will use to set your device encrypted.

Once you have a screen lock you can go back to the Security menu and hit “Encrypt phone”,  you’ll be asked to plug your phone in to charge while the process takes place, just to make sure that your phone doesn’t shut off and cause errors.

Once the process is finally finished you can enter your PIN and start using your newly encrypted device.

Before you activate encryption mode in your smartphone check if your phone manufacturer allow you to remove encryption from your phone, in case you want to have it removed.

In the sense that your smartphone does't support encryption removal you can go for an option to decrypt all file, to do this you need to do a factory reset on your smartphone, and doing this will remove all of your data from the device.