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Facebook official violating Amazon 5 star rating

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Why you think the user rate the product, it seem that Facebook employees is getting the smart display portal by given a 4 to 5 star rating, rating your own products or your employer’s products is against Amazon rule.

Reviewing your employer’s products is against Amazon’s rules. It’s also not an indicator of confidence in how well they’re selling.

Smart display portal by facebook

Posting reviews of your own products is entirely in violation of Amazon regulations.
Multiple users who gave a five-star rating to the Portal of a video calling device had the same name as Facebook’s staff.

Andrew Bosworth, vice president of AR / VR on Facebook, replied Roose’s tweet, said the company has not ordered officials to post reviews.

These reviews are not due to Facebook instructions or plans.) At the time of release, we will inform ourselves that" we firmly prohibit Facebook staff from posting reviews on Amazon’s products for sale on Amazon “ I’m sending a message and I will ask you to delete this review, “Bosworth said.

Facebook spokesperson acknowledged that the company ordered the staff to delete the review.