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Uber's self driving car return after a fatal crash

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Uber now begin testing it's self driving car on public road after a fatal crash in Arizona, the self-driving Uber car had killed a 49 year old Elaine Herzberg while she was pushing her bicycle across the street.

The driver was said to be streaming a television show on her phone at the time of the crash, and didn’t hit the brakes until after the impact, according to the National Traffic Safety Board and local police.
Uber's self driving car return after a fatal crash
This cause the governor of Arizona to barred the company from further testing the self driving car in his state.

And now, Uber received a letter from Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation authorizing it to restart its program.

Now, Uber is currently testing only two vehicles as more will be added with time, the cars won’t exceed a speed limit of 25 mph as posted, and will have two safety drivers in them at all time.