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How to password protect your PDF file with your Phone

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PDF files are on the most portable and popular format for keeping a document, and is used by different kind of people, digital author uses this in completing their books than printing a lot of copies, assuming you bought one of it and would want to password-protect the file how would you do it, we show you a way that will help you encrypt your PDF and document file.

You can as well use these formats am about to show you to password protect any file whether you’re running on Android, there are different methods to password-protect a PDF, and this guide will take you through step-by-step on how to protect document and PDF file.

Storing a PDF file on your Android phone and encrypting it so no one can open it unless they know the specific password for the file, or maybe you're sending the file over email or storing it online [Dropbox], you now want to encrypt the documents so no one can open it unless they know the password for the file. Secure encryption for maximum safety.

So how do I encrypt my PDF file using a Password?, their many ways you can password protect your PDF file or documents you can use an app, software or still use online services.

How to password protect a PDF with Es file Explorer [file Manager]

Encrypt your PDF file and documents using Es file Explorer. Es file explorer is a free file management service, which offers the most unique feature a file manager can boast off, Es file Explorer is the go win for protecting your PDF file and any documents.

1. If you are yet to install the app you can do so now, download the app from Google Play store. Install the app once the download is complete.

2. Open the Es file Explorer app go find the document you intend password protecting.
How to password protect your PDF

3. Once you have seen the document you which to password protect long tap the document and click on more; there you see a list of available functions, click on Encrypt and type in your password you can as well email the password to your email address.
How to password protect your PDF

Once you want to open the document or PDF file you will be prompt to type in the password.

How to password protect a PDF file with PDF Utils

Encrypting your PDF file and documents with PDF Utils. PDF Utils has a lot of features to let you Merge, Reorder, Split Extract, Delete and Encrypt or lock a PDF file.

We are all into the encryption part with suitable locking, there are two ways for locking a PDF file on PDF Utils; the owner and user password.

A document that is encrypted with owner password is open by everyone who receives the document, the owner password is there to define permission so that it can't be copied or printed.

While if a document is encrypted with a user password, anybody can open the file if he or she knows the password.

1. If you want to know how to password protect your PDF file with PDF Utils, simply download the app from the Google Play store.
How to password protect your PDF

2. Open the app once the installation is complete and you will see a list of available services. Simply go to password protect and select the file you want to protect and then type in your password for owner and user password if it seems dope you can choose both.

How to password protect your PDF

To rest assure that all the PDF file you choose is safely password protect check on them each, and after which it work you can them enjoy the privacy of your PDF file. Find this article useful while not share it with others everyone need to secure something who knows what it is.