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Is chatbots a bad idea for customer service?

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Chabot’s have increased over the years as business integrate with bot for beta customer service and AI integration, but is chatbot a bad idea for customer service?, am not saying chatbot isn’t good for business and more likely Techvocast Facebook page run on chatbot for content delivery but still on it beta version, but not all business problem can be solved by using chatbot.

Customers service support

We might have thought as much with Chatbot integrated for full customer service;  which doesn’t sound like a bad idea, and they can configure it to respond to queries from customers, but what if the customer wants personalized advice?

Some bots do not have significant data in their repositories to resolve complex queries from customers, and not only that, some customer does not trust the respond given to them by AI “it all depends on how the user feels”, the customer just want to receive a suggestion from human and not a bot. And if the bot keeps on repeating the same advice and respond it won’t improve the customer satisfaction from the point where I see it.

Can bot handle complex sales?

Can bot handle the higher sale, Chatbot is unique, with the bot you can order simple sales; find the queries and order products from Amazon or other online stores, it a great way for customer service. But chatbot is not perfect for handling large sales [more of saying nothing in this world is perfect], organizations are not ready for AI to handle complex sales.

The bot can cause a poor customer experience

If one of your customers had a bad customer experience, the user may not be prompt to use the company Chatbot in respond.

That being said companies should always have a place for humans even when Chatbot is activated to resolve issues that bot can’t. 73%  from a data accurate by Helplama, say they will not use a company’s chatbot after they have a bad customer experience.

As the year goes by technology trends will be a top-notch, as many believe that AI and IoT will be the next mega trend and the way business will adapt to this change to make easy workflow and work effectively we are curated. The Chatbot is not left behind as to provide a good customer experience and service one must consider implementing both human and bot for both large and small queries regarding what it may be. Chabot increased over the year and more features have seemed to come; we await whatever is yet to come.

The Critical Chatbot Statistics for 2018 by Jay Baer

37 Percent of Americans Would Use a Chatbot in an Emergency. 24-Hour Service Is the Number One Chatbot. Benefit Half of American Adults Would Prefer to Deal with a Human. Users Prefer Chatbots Over Apps When Communicating with Companies