6 IoT Trends: Internet of things predictions for 2019

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Will IoT become the topic that everyone won’t stop talking about?, as technology become part of our live IoT have gain higher traction over the years, top organisation have recognize the important of IoT, to be able to build smart cities we need IoT to achieve that and also ensure all is well place in accordance for security purposes, so what in for IoT as 2019 fast approach will it become the mainstream or not.

People has started brazing smart technology has a new product and smart device are constantly bringing glued to how smart cities will work, from consumer devices to large-scale manufacturing and industrial applications.

IoT Trends

IoT concept of smart cities
Smart city concept. IoT(Internet of Things). ICT(Information Communication Technology). - Image: metamorworks/shutterstock
The IoT is a broad-based technology, transforming everything, the amazing internet of thingsis moving rapidly.

The past few years they discuss IoT and prediction where curated bg tech savvy, we must tough as much things change we predict things base on current demographic and development and not on fantasy, topic written are not just words but development based.

Despite all the current situation with security breach everywhere the Internet face, it is as much as internet of things keep growing. So what up for development of IoT as 2019 fast approach.

IoT will help to make things as much as easy as it could and give value to data. The quest for the better. The internet of things comprises a network of connected devices, business are backing up with IoT devices with support from chatbot.
Let look at the chatbot system not all customer will quietly accept a chatbot response and get repeated answer when it being ask a question so is chat both right for customer service; is chatbot bad for customer experience.

But with IoT and AI, it has make shopping easy, the online shopping world is constantly improving customer experience and decreasing unnecessary expenses. Take for example; Amazon use AI to make shopping easy.

IoT will sure change the way individuals and enterprises interact with technology. Look at Apple’s HomePod, Google Home, and Amazon’s Echo they don’t just want to play music they want to build a smart home, talking to them look like you insulating 😕.

We are just going to drop a short and clean IoT trends and predictions

Here is 1, we will drop a quick shot for IoT trend and predictions for 2019 on current demographic issue but we know with time, “things will change.”

1. The internet of things in Healthcare

According to a report by i-scoop the year 2019, 87% of organizations that are in the healthcare sector will adopt IoT technology.

The period from 2017 until 2022 will be important in this transition, with several changes before 2020.

The healthcare sector is set to embrace IoT to a new development with the application growth, it is said to have raised and transform the healthcare industry and various stakeholders

2. The Manufacturing Industries with IoT

The Manufacturing industries are driven into IoT.  IoT devices have transformed several processes in the manufacturing industry from developing products to supplying and making sales.

Integrating IoT with the manufacturing industry will help reduce product lost, calculate the process and efficiency and reducing work time for employees.  

Sensors, and radars have already brought a huge change in the industry. 

3. Cybercriminals will lay smart-city

cybercriminal will lay smart-city, while this occurred as a very significant phases, but cities are becoming smart to increase  efficiency and improve the quality of services provided for the city.

but if will do not protect these connected devices, we might end up in a security breach.

Since all devices are connected from device sensors, communication infrastructures, smart lighting, traffic controls, and public transportation this we bring a whole new level of data breaching.

In 2019, more targeted ransomware attacks against vulnerable components of smart-city implementations will cause disruptions to citizen services and will force cities to invest in cybersecurity defenses to minimize the risk of further attacks - According to a report. 

4. IoT constant Growth

The comprehensive growth for IoT will increase by next year, by the time of writing this article they are 3.6 billion gadgets and devices connected to a network.

The constant growth of IoT will increase, as well as the internet traffic, 5G will set to roll out by 2019 to increase internet speed and add more connected devices to the internet 

5. IoT will change user experience

If you think you will be the way you are now in 2 years time, am sorry I can’t say but you are just insulating, when IoT first emerge we were thinking in a different aspect on the issue, now we think ahead of what to become.

IoT will change the way an individuals and enterprises interact with technology, all aspect will change, think of the Amazon Echo, Google Home; the conversation for human and IoT technology will be unique with or with a keyboard [over time this section will be made available].

6. Security Race Continues

Nevertheless, security will be at dawn as the organisation will be down to work in protecting their customers’ data and workflow.

The move in developing a secure IoT solution to tackle the problem wi be their hyper most priority, security and IoT expert will be on the spot of covering and tackling the security concern and vulnerabilities surrounding IoT issues.

The big break for IoT we take from tech giant, IoT will change the way user interact with AI and this as much will gain higher traction.

Connected devices are to double by the year 2020.

Is not just about creating a product for what you want, is about creating a compelling,  efficient, and fulfilling experiences for what the customer wants. Not so fast, few years from now IoT will create an effect on our everyday activities. Click to tweet.

IoT won’t be the only mainstream that everyone won’t stop talking about; 5G is set to be out by 2019 and some tech companies are already planning to roll-out in 2020 and AI will be another concept for next year.

5G will be another interesting topic I would love to write about; but time will tell, we are preparing for this year to run out and set to a new stage, these IoT predictions for 2019 will be a top-notch if it set to go.