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Activate Google two-factor authentication

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Dashing out and always thinking about protecting your data and securing your device and then you left your Google account all alone, you are using Google services and you want no one intersecting with your mail and raiding your account.

All google product use Gmail account so you might as well need a two factor authentication to protect your account from hacker, never assume that you don’t need security for Gmail account, and why is my Google account so important, cut the crap everything is important to you; think about why the hacker wanted to get your account in the first place. You need a 2-step verification process.
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Using Google two-factor authentication is more like providing detail that you own the particular account, take, for example, if you are a worker; you are required to provide your ID and other initiatives to get past the door. This process is done to avoid security issues.

We always mentioned that if you want a hit password, it shouldn’t be just alphabet or number, mix them with both numbers and alphabet up and down like this “J5goYDro.”

You can use a password management app if you don’t seem to remember your up and down password; use LastPass or 1password and stop the habit of using one password for all service, people got hacked just because of one password.

The 2-Step verification protects your Google account, each time you want to sign in to your Google Account, you must provide your password and a verification code that is sent to you, this is as much extra security.

And even if the hacker or intruder gets your password, it won’t be enough to sign in to your account.

How to set up Google 2-step verification 

To Activate the Google two-factor authentication, you need a phone with a mobile phone number that will accept an SMS or voice calls, you can receive a Google prompt or use a security key [choose from available option].

Google uses your unique phone and its number as its second factor.

To activate the 2-step verification go to your Google account head over to security, tap on the 2-step verification, click on Get started and login to your Google account.

Once you enter your number, you can choose whether to get your verification code by voice or SMS on your phone, you’ll then get a response with your verification number with any option you choose from, enter this code into the box.

You can download the Google Authenticator app for Android, with this you can generate a PC/browser password. You can also create a batch of ten backup codes, which you can use to authorize a computer.

If you set up the 2-Step Verification, you can use the Google Authenticator app to receive codes even if you don’t have an Internet connection or mobile service.

Just because you set up Google 2-step verification doesn’t mean you are less concerned about your password.

Not all Google services work with The 2-step verification process.

Activating the two-factor authentication is much proven to be good and avoid disappointment for stories that touch the heart, activating this feature makes your Google account much safer than it was before.