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7 best ways to secure your Android phone

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Hackers and malware creator are in top-notch to hack just any devices and you won’t be their victim, why hacker do this Android maker are constantly bringing update so with an older Android version hacker are more vulnerable to penetrate than the new ones that why we recommend you to always update to the latest Android security patches, this will just stack up.

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So we think mobile phones just need an app to be able to get away from hacker hell no, you need more than just an app that to do so.

So what will I used to protect my Android if not just app, here we show you the top 7 best ways to protect your smartphone which I use. Security is more than just doing safe things like being on the safer side “it could because of your environment that why you are got hack”  and don’t always try to be on the safer side because it won't always work.

1. Have an app you don’t use uninstall it

If you ever have an app in your smartphone that you don’t use anymore uninstall it as it can be a way for the hacker to get into your phone as every application come with their own security problem, if you feel you don’t want to uninstall it you can keep updating it to avoid story that touches the heart and freeze it as well since is not in use. 

2. Always turn off the connection when they are not in use

Are you always fond of leaving your connection service on, stop it because it can make hacker get into your phone, turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi when not in use as it also helps in saving battery life and give it a long-lasting duration and expand android usage?

3. Don’t use free Wi-Fi

People are always happy when there is any available Wi-Fi within their vicinity that Wi-Fi you are about to connect to are you sure is secure or is not being turned on by hackers, where so ever you see a free Wi-Fi don’t use except you know when it from.

4. Always use antivirus protection 

We always recommend installing antivirus protection in your smartphone to prevent malware from your device, as much as I can say you should try this antivirus protection app because when it comes to security we must do the needed. You can try Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus this app help prevent malware from your device, you can also check out Norton Mobile Security.

5. Always download from Google Play store

If you don’t want to find malware running around your device as if it is where they are from you should start downloading from Google Play store, most apps with malware came from third parties.

Google is helping the user get a good user experience by giving them app free from malware. Google use Play Protect to automatically scan your smartphone for malware, when it found one you get a notification to uninstall the app, to make Play Protect regularly scan your device for any harm and send unknown app for better detection “if it was not downloaded from the Google Play Store” go to security then you see a list of available security functions click on Google Play Protect.

6. Lock your phone

Why do you keep saying this, who told you protecting your phone with a security lock worth it, as for me it does worth it, forget it too simple as touching, just get to security and set a lock, this time your problem would not be malware. Once your phone gets to pick up by someone and you seem to not have a password, you may be exposed by different fault orders than malware.

From different security lock; password, pattern, fingerprints, voice-recognition, face-recognition and iris scanning lock. As for my phone, it supports face-recognition, fingerprints as well as both pattern and password.

So choosing one or two of this security lock may still keep your phone protected from physical intruders.

And also use device encryption, encrypt your device, head over to Settings down to Security go down to Encryption and credentials and click on Encrypt phone and follow the prompts.

7. Using one password

You got hack, 😢 is your fault why will you be using just one password for all thing, after using the same password you still want ahead and wrote it down on a plain sheet of paper staring at you 🙁.

If you don’t like typing password over and over again, you can use Google Chrome auto-save password for easy login, to activate this feature head over to Google Chrome settings click on password and check ☑ auto-login and save the password, you can use other mobile password programs such as LastPass and 1Password.

Protecting your phone is more like keeping your data safe, we use mobile phone for things we outer to do “both confidential and workflow” and it must be a painless take if your phone was a hack, so if you keep up with these best tip your phone will be secure more than before. And don’t forget to share this article that the least I can ask for.