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SpaceX's starman roadster has now pass Mars

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SpaceX's 'Starman' and Its Tesla Roadster are far beyond Mars and far from home, Spacex whom confirmed this in a tweet that that Falcon Heavy's test payload has passed Mars' orbit, the Falcon Heavy rocket was launched on Feb. 6, 2018.

SpaceX's Starman Roadster has now pass Mars
Image: spaceX via twitter 
When are we expecting to see starman return via engadget

According to models by Ben Pearson, the spaceborne dummy won't make a close approach to Earth until two years from now on November 4th, 2020, and even then it'll be 0.35AU (32 million miles) away. It'll be much closer to Mars, getting within 0.05AU (4.6 million miles) on October 6th of that year. You may not see a truly close Earth visit until 2091. Short of a purposeful encounter or an unexpected collision, Starman could be quite lonely for thousands or even millions of years.

Starman and his ride — which once belonged to Musk — won't stay beyond Mars forever. As you can see in the diagram, the pair will loop back on their heliocentric orbit, eventually coming about as close to the sun as Earth does as said by