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Dropbox introduces extensions for easy file editing

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Dropbox, the cloud storage service has emerge and now conclude a turn up in their service as they introduced the new Dropbox Extensions, this was disclosed today from the company site.

Dropbox has the move from just storing files on the cloud to a more collaborative place to do all your workflows in one place.
Dropbox introduces Extensions for easily File Editing
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As the company announced the new features of its service with various workflows segment of the new extension in partnership with top brand like Google, Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe, DocuSign, Vimeo, Nitro, Pixlr and Small pdf.

This software company will allow Dropbox user to run various workflows to edit files on the web without having to download anything or open any apps.

Extensions allows users to act directly in Dropbox.

The new development with today’s release include
  • Send for eSignature: with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and HelloSign
  • Edit PDFs: with Nitro, airSlate, and Smallpdf
  • View and Edit DWGs: with Autodesk
  • Annotate Videos: with Vimeo
  • Edit Images: with Pixlr
  • Send Electronic Fax: with HelloFax.

Dropbox introduces Extensions for easily File Editing

The new Extensions is available for all users, including standard non-business users of Dropbox and the first set of new integrations is expected to be available on November 27th.

Dropbox introduces Extensions for easily File Editing

Quentin Clark, SVP of engineering, product and design at Dropbox, from TechCrunch says they have long recognized the need to take the content stored in their repositories and provide ways to integrate it with other tools people are using. 

“We are on this journey to help this broader ecosystem get the most value possible. Extensions is another way to remove friction and allow a better engagement,” Clark said.

This mean that the main purpose for the new Dropbox Extension is to limit the apps a user has to open to get a basic task done. But with the new development all you workflows is done in one place.

The Extensions announced today will be available later this month on November 27th.

Dropbox Extension is Now Available