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Cancel All Pending Friend Requests on Facebook using this script

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After sending a lot of friends to request people you don’t even know you want to cancel it all, Facebook advice: you shouldn’t accept or send friend’s requests to people you didn’t know.
Cancel All Pending Friend Requests on Facebook using this script
Facebook is now the bedrock for communication preferences which allows us to send messages to other users and get the latest update from the page we like.

we get it now that you are tired of sending a friend requests and you just want it to go away and cancel it all.

We guide you through the step on all you can cancel all pending friend request

If you are already login with your Facebook detail in a web browser

Go to your pending friend request zone use this link

Copy this URL and paste it in your web browser’s

Once the page is open, you’ll see all your pending friend request scroll down to the bottom of the page

Go to Console

Right-click anywhere on the page and then move down and select Inspect.

Paste this link

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_54k8 _56bs _56bt’);

 for(var i=0; i inputs[i].click();


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