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Amazon set to split it's second headquarter to two cities

author photo By Published in Last updated on now set to split its second headquarter to two different cities, the Wall Street Journal disclosed this as the company is planning to separate its staff and also recruiting new once, the headquarter will be split into two with 25,000 employees each.

Amazon set to Split  it's Second Headquarter into two Cities
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Amazon Expanding its headquarter required tech talent to help support the company, the company which haven’t disclose where the headquarter will located. Amazon has held a serious discussion about the possibility of opening its sought-after second headquarters in Crystal City, including how it would move employees there. The Washington Post also reported that Amazon held “advanced discussions” in Crystal City that were “more detailed” than similar talks with other candidate locations.

Two people familiar with the matter said to the Washington Post that if Crystal City was selected, Amazon was likely to move an initial group of several hundred employees into 1851 S. Bell St. or 1770 Crystal Dr., two dated office buildings that have been targeted for redevelopment but could be readied for occupancy by their owner, JBG Smith, in nine months or fewer. The bid also includes sites in Potomac Yard, in Alexandria.

The company said that they want the second Headquarter to operating in 2019.