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Amazon now let you pick the day you get your delivery

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The Amazon Day program was launched today in the US, let prime member choose which day of the week to get their delivery shipped to them.

Amazon now let you pick the day you get your delivery
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With the Amazon day being the newly delivery option of it prime member lets members set a specific day of the week for their shipments to arrive and this program is only available for invited user only as Amazon plan to add more members in the coming months.

You’ll be able to see if they invited you through the Amazon homepage and see the option in checkout.

Through Amazon Day, you can set the day of the week when you prefer all of your shipments to arrive like setting up Friday to be your delivery day, and all the package your order will be delivered to you, you must note that your orders are made two days before your delivery day and that day will be set as default unless you change it. You can make weekends your delivery day, so long as weekend deliveries are available in your area.