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Security Measure: How to keep your data safe

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Security measures is one of the most important tip for Protecting your personal and financial data from intruders, keeping your data safe should be your number one priority for your organization, small business and big business should take the step in protecting customer private information and financial data, whereas cyber criminal have be booming round the internet, some company recently have a breach in their system but was later fix.

Security Measure: How to Keep your Data Safe

We outline the best security measures in this article to help you in protection of your financial data.

1. Setting up a strong password

Your first step should be getting a strong password, you must know that when setting up a password you shouldn’t use only alphabet or number, instead use both with special characters and symbol, this will help most than just using alphabet using a combination of lower and upper case letter with special characters and symbol and make it 8 to 12 character long “sure you should”, if you are using chrome browser when creating a password chrome automatically generate a strong password for you.

2. Back up important data

Backup your file to a hard drive or a cloud storage every single week or every day, backing-up your data help to avoid data lost if it should. Lost of data can be pain taking that while you need to backup your device and documents for safe keeping while your computer can be affected by virus and compromise and still you can retrieve your loss data, you can use cloud storage like box or drop-box.

3. Install antivirus protection software or App

Never the less, thus your personal computer is not yet complete without an antivirus protection software or app, antivirus protect your computer from malware, boot sector virus, macro virus and many more, while the use of antivirus has help save a lot of computer from being corrupt using these softwares is most appealing and make sure you download from trusted source.

4. Software and app update

Many personal computer are being hack because of lack of software and App updates for their devices, updating your program is another full prove for your system to be protected and still keep in form with no damage. Updating your software and App help keep you in touch with any related issues. Automate your software and App form strict recent update to avoid story that touch the heart.

5. Turn off all wireless service

Make your Wi-Fi and bluetooth turn off by default in all location except you are in need to use it and do not in all time turn on your Wi-Fi at all location, because if you do Someone might use firesheep to see every thing you are doing.

6. Use HTTPS website (encrypted site)

Website or blog that does not use HTTPS are expose and are not encrypted as site not being secure with customers credentials, site with HTTPS are said to have a secure connection and your information is private to the site so I suggest you use site with HTTPS.

7. Set device to lock automatically

Setting up your device to abide to lock down automatically after a period, this feature is available for all smartphone, this also prevent someone from accessing your personal information "physical aspect".

8. Do not install all app

Installing app too much might cause your phone or personal computer a big deal, app you don’t trust do not install this app can cause your smartphone to misbehave, slowdown and cause unwanted location sharing and information, I request installing app from trusted source.

9. Choose a safe email provider

Having your data store by email provider or cloud storage service must be using and should use technology like DMARC to stop phishing. Choosing a safe service that provide proper security help in data protection, DMARC technology help from stopping people from accessing your ISP as well as others, top email provider make use of this service like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL. Using this service also help in support for minimizing your risk from data loss and security breach.

10. Use over one email address

Make use of different email address should also help in preventing the hacker from gaining access, using one email address for every account is creating a way for the hacker, like using the same password for everything, so is  ay you use different email address for
different context you use.

11. Don’t write your passwords down

Writing your passwords down for every account you have is bad and you know It’s tempting to keep a written list of passwords, or even a single password written in a notebook a sticky note but this is a bad idea, as it makes it easy for someone else to steal your login information and access your accounts without your permission. So I advice you don’t write your passwords on notebook "physical aspect".

12. Don’t use the same password

Never use the same password for your all your account is way to bad, if the hacker get your password and he has access to all your account you know what that mean, if your persist to use the same password you could get lock out of your own account, so I advice you to
make use of over one password for your accounts and make a combination of both
letter and number.

13. Secure with encryption

Encrypting your laptop or smartphone device is an extra step for security purpose, laptop are in higher risk of being stolen because it portable “yea I know” this is where encryption come to place, encryption software changes the way information looks on the hard drive so that, without the correct password, it can’t breach.

Preventing your data from hacker is better than curing or retrieving your data from hacker, know that security start from the physical aspect so protect it, all the firewalls won’t stop an intruder who is able to gain physical access to your network and computers, and the hacker won’t stop trying new method they’ll be kept upon the latest vulnerabilities and weaknesses against you, so it’s up to you to keep up with them, that the more reason you should always update your software at all time when it is available.

Security is dynamic, ever-changing landscape, and securing your data is your own responsibility. I was a post about “Google your name and why it is important to set Google alert for yourself” when you set Google alert for yourself you get a notification whenever your name is mention or search online.