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Live stream your screen using this app

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Live stream and broadcast your favorite moments or share your gaming experience using your smartphone, streaming live have become one of the major thing on the internet whereas popular brand use this in covering and broadcasting news/event, social media with live stream a major buzzing thing on the web, android app now let you live stream to your various social media as well as YouTube although the YouTube Gaming app also allow this feature but the app isn’t available for all country but will soon.
Live Stream your screen using Android App
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Using a live streaming app help to minimize stress while did I say this; because using this app save a lot of time in streaming your video, with the app you can stream to over three platforms at the same time and your video we be displayed in various platform from YouTube to Facebook even twitch and a lot more all at the same period, and more features can be done. 

we outline some of the best apps for you to live to stream your event or gameplay for free, know we tested some apps and it works fine for us, these apps also let you live stream to your personal or brand Facebook page and group cool 😎 right. 

1. AZ Screen Recorder

I should have seen your face, when I mention this again but it cool, this app is so good performing different feature who cares about this shit 🖐 I care 😃 let get back before I turn this post into a joking hub, the AZ Screen Recorder also allows you to record your screen, create Gif from it and also allow you to live stream the screen recording while making a gameplay or teach tutorial, it supports only Facebook, YouTube and Twitch streaming one at a time it also support facecam.

2. Du Screen Recorder

The Du screen recorder helps you live to stream your screen recording the same as the AZ Screen Recorder, stream gameplay from this app is so cool, you could stream to a different platform at the same time from Facebook to YouTube and twitch.

3. YouTube Gaming

YouTube set part another streaming service which was launch in 2015, the YouTube Gaming live streaming is more and personalize for a gamer, you can live stream your gameplay with the YouTube Gaming app, download the app and live-stream your gameplay to your YouTube channel, the app is not available for all country as at now.

Live Stream your screen using Android App
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4. Mirrativ

Mirrativ a live streaming app for android, stream your gameplay to your audience on YouTube and Twitch, Mirrativ helps you record your entire screen and live stream whatever you do with your phone playing game or browsing showing your audience, chatting and more and all we belive stream to YouTube or Twitch.

5. Mobizen Live Stream for YouTube

The Mobizen Live stream app lets you stream your screen to YouTube for free, you can stream your mobile screen live or your camera as well as it supports real-time chatting and facecam support, you can make your stream private or public, hide or expose chatting mode and turning off facecam.


6. Twitch

Twitch let you Recorder your screen, Twitch is made only for the gamer and is the first mobile broadcasting app for android smartphones, which let you to video capture and stream gameplay from android devices. Video capture from the front-facing camera (facecam), audio capture using an internal or external microphone. You can hide the controls of the gameplay and camera view or mute audio all during live streaming.

7. Omni Screen Recorder  

The Omni Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder for android that helps you record high-quality screen videos and also help you live stream and broadcast your video, it’s also come with a variety of features such as screen capture, video recorder, video editor. Live stream your screen to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, it also supports facecam.

Live Stream your screen using Android App
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8. Screensync - Screen Recorder, Vid Editor, Live Pro  

This app lets you screen record and live stream it come with different features. Record or stream all of your gameplay or your favorite music clip on highest quality and share, stream to YouTube or Facebook with high quality, the app also supports facecam. Recommended for advanced streamers or video content creators and for amateurs.


9. Screen Stream Mirroring

The Screen stream mirror app lets you stream your Android phone’s screen to Twitch or YouTube, or mirror it to a PC or another device. The app has a lot of options with features and settings, simple to get started with download the app and stream to live with your android screen

10. Mobcrush

Mobcrush let you screen record and broadcast your gameplay, Mobcrush does not just stream gameplay you can also watch tournaments and events and make friends with other mobile gamers; all from your phone, Mobcrush let you broadcast and stream to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, it support facecam, android not supported broadcasting on versions older than 5.0.

Now you know how to stream your smartphone screen to various platform, there is no doubt about live streaming as it is becoming the next big thing, stream your gameplay and share epic moment with your friends and family, if you like this post share with your friends and tell us your best streaming app in the comment section below.