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How to view notification history on Android device

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If you have been using android for a long time, there is no doubt that you must have swiped off a notification from your notifications tab or you just did it on purpose for your own reasons, or you just cleared everything in the notification drawer without you knowing and now you are trying to get back to the notification which you have removed from the notification drawer, everyone made mistakes and you might not know of it. If you are trying to get back to your recent notification we got you covered.
How to view Notification history on Android device
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You must be wondering if you can get the  history for all your lost notification, and what if a say yes, with the notification log you can find your lost email notification, app update and missed message, the notification log is not available for all android phone, I have tested it with mine with my android device 8.1.0 and it worked and when I tested it with my friend phone the notification log was not there, but don’t worry there is an app that enables you to view your notifications history.

How to view your notification history 

You can view your notifications history using the notification log from your android settings to view your notification history long press anywhere on your home screen and select widgets tap the settings shortcut widget and select the notification log and then it will be added to your home screen, you can now view cleared notification, there you have the android title which is the title of the message android text which is the message.
How to view Notification history on Android device

How to view Notification history on Android device

You can download the on notification app from the Google Play Store the app let view your last dismissed notification as well as your notification history.

You can also view your social media notification from your notifications tab.