How to delete all Twitter tweet and history

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Twitter is one of the most enjoyable social media platform where businesses can easily connect with each other, Twitter is good and can also help to find quick information, but there is nothing in these world that doesn’t have a bad side, as social media is turning youth into something else which makes me sometime feel uncomfortable, about your tweet may be, now you want to delete all your tweet but don’t know how to, we guide you through step on how to delete all your tweet3 with a few clicks.

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Twitter is fun and most especially interacting with new people, you can follow us on Twitter and keep up with our latest tweet, may be you must have be tweeting for some years now and when you decide to check your total tweet you were like wow I didn't know.

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You just discovered you got a lot of tweets, and now you want to delete all of it. 

Twitter does not allow you to delete all your tweet as it only support one tweet delete at a time, so we are picking a service for this feature, there are many service that help you manage and delete your tweet, some of them which are free and some charge for monthly subscription fees, some of which you can use are  TweetDeleteTwitwipeTweetDeleter and TweetEraser.

TweetDelete is a free service that let you delete both your tweet and Twitter history  and set a timer for deletion of future tweets.

Twitwipe is a free service that allow you delete all tweet and video and start afresh.

The TweetDeleter is free but also has a paid plan for the premium at $5.99 per month if bill annually and $9.99 if bill monthly with daily delete of 3,000 tweet, if you decide to go unlimited you pay  $7.50 per month if the bill is pay annually and $14.99 per month if the bill is pay monthly.


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TweetEraser is a free service but also include the paid plan with standard eraser which cost $6.99 per month and premium Eraser which cost $9.99 per month.

These services are great, and if you have no money to pay you check out the free service of TweetDelete and Twitwipe although TweetDeleter and TweetEraser also have a free version of their service.

How to Delete Your Twitter Tweet and History using TweetDelete

Before you consider deleting all your tweet, you might as well want to download your achieve tweet data because once it deleted it can’t be recovered at any form. You can only do this if you want to.

To access your archive, head over to your Twitter Settings, click on your Twitter Account tab on the left-hand column, and scroll down to Twitter Archive. You can then request your archive and it will be sent to the email address associated with your Twitter account. You will then get an email from Twitter asking you to download your achieve in a zip file.

Go to TweetDelete

Agree to the terms and sign-in with the Twitter account you are deleting the tweet for, TweetDelete only allow 3,200 tweet to be deleted at a time. You sign in with your Twitter account, authorize the app, and then check the box that reads, “Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule.” Then you click activate. All your tweet will be deleted. If you have over 3,200 tweet, you have to use TweetDelete again.

If you decide to clean your account, you need to keep activating TweetDelete until it’s wiped out your entire tweet, be sure to uncheck the “post to my feed” and “follow @Tweet_Delete” boxes before you click activate you can check the process from your Twitter page and see your tweet and history disappear over time.

You can automatically set your tweet to delete over time or you need to do is set an automatic delete schedule, as TweetDelete lets you automatically schedule which tweet should be deleted, the service lets you choose between one week, two weeks, one month, two months, three months, six months, or one year.

The last is for you to protect and keep track of your tweet from unwanted and malicious users. Tweet, retweet and stay safe and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @techvocast.