What is the difference between a blog and a website

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A blog is a web log of a website. Have you being wondering what the different between a blog and a website, beginners are confused about this two, most of them think they are the same hell no is not the same, because if you are thinking of starting a blog or a website then you need to know the different between this two to help meet your requirements and your goal for a better understanding. All blog are website but not all website blog.

What is a Website? 

A website is a collection of relative web page, while there are static page and which they are not always updated, a website look like a home page with no content on it, like a portfolio company website and business website, a website may be complimented with a blog,

Social media is a website but still comprise of a blog.

Basic feature of a website 
  • Homepage with written words 
  • Product and service render
  • Testimonial and feedback 
  • Design of company work and achieve 
Example of website like evernote.com box.com, etc.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a web log or a type of website that is being update with new blog post which the newer content appear first, a blog content or blog post are all the same new content show first follow by the previous content. Company, individual, or a small group of people can run a blog to give out information, Creating a blog is now easy with tool like Blogger and wordpress.

Blogger was  launched in 1999 and was later acquired by Google in 2003 that same year in 2003 wordpress release it first blogging platform which now powered 30% of blog in the internet.

In a blog there a lot of features which website does not include like the reverse chronological which show latest post on the home page but most website does not show content on the homepage.

Basic feature of a Blog
  • Listing of Blog post 
  • Blog post are archived by date and post time
  • Have commenting system
  • Blog post are archived by label and category 
  • Blog post have subscription system
That why all blog are website but not are website are blog.

Example of blog are nytime.com WSJ.com the and many other so as this blog.

Techvocast is a blog which show content chronological showing latest post on the home page.

What is The Difference Between Blog and Website? 

As we said before, a blog is a web log of a website that is being update with newer content, the most reason while a blog is differs from a website is because it updates with newer blog post always which normally appear first.

A blog can be part of a website where they update and inform their customers, you can use wordpress to create a blog and a website, choosing which platform to go for use wordpress.org you have full time access.

Anyone who want to start his own blog can easily start a blog using this simple tool; blogger and wordpress.org but I advice you to go with wordpress.org you can check out the hosting plan.