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How to retrieve deleted whatsapp message

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You must be wondering how you can retrieve and read deleted WhatsApp message sent to you by your friends, and you are anxious while he or she deleted the message, the second person who sent the message don’t want you to see it because of some reason which I don’t know about, no worries we teach you how to read deleted WhatsApp message. But remember, you can only read the deleted WhatsApp message if you have already interacted with it or swipe an incoming message but was later deleted.

How to read deleted WhatsApp message

Recovering deleted WhatsApp message can be done through the use of apps, but will show you one which you can access deleted messages through you setting and through an app.

Accessing deleted message through apps

You can access the deleted WhatsApp message through the app by downloading notice from Google Play Store.
  1. After download, install the app and
  2.  Grant permission for things required to read notification for WhatsApp and other apps 
  3. if you want You can take notification for all app, 
  4. notice help to save your notifications and read when you want

Accessing deleted message through your setting 

  1. Go to the Home screen of your Android device 
  2. Slide your menu section to the right or tap on any free space 
  3. Find the widget icon click on it now you see the setting shortcut
  4. click and select settings shortcut find the notification log 
  5. Click on the notification log to be added to your home screen.
After you added the notification log to your home screen you can easily see the deleted WhatsApp message by opening the Notification log and selecting the deleted message section you want to read.

You now know how to read deleted WhatsApp message, and you sender before you send your message always think twice, don’t send rubbish to the receiver hope this help and don’t forget to share this post with your friends