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How technology is affecting our life

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The generation of a new age, while technology has improved over the last decade, our daily life works with technology and it has made it easy for everyone. As there is no limit on what technology can do, look at the new improvement did look around, while tech giant like Amazon and Apple keep on creating amazing tech products, the new development as help us notice how technology has surrounded our life-giving mind-blowing idea for all sort of technique.

Technology has changed our lives in both positively and negatively, the new development and invention help in solving problems while many businesses use technology to solve the problem in their industry. Look around you'll see technology and you are using it now yes am right, so in this article, we show you how technology is affecting our lives in every way there is.

Technology impact both positively and negatively

Technology impact both in positive and negative ways, as technology affect positively so does it negatively, we build brand and businesses with technology we want to improve productivity more, technology help in production help in changing business whereas you can measure the quality of goods and speed up your production time.

So many people are already mastered in staying over 8 to 10 hours a day using social media, many cause abuse, insult and still spreading fake use which they are more likely to believe and may cause war. But as well they learn and watch things that can be of benefit to them learning a new skill and almost anything on the internet is possible.

1. Business in Technology

Technology in business help in saving time, reduce cost and work in all aspect of things which enable to improved products quality. Technology makes it easier for online marketing which enables them to sell their products online, which helps to reduce production costs and increase profits.

2. Lifestyle Activities

Because technology as made work easy for us and save us time it as also made some people lazy, no smartphone back and in the old day, but now we can do almost anything with just our smartphone why the universe is at our fingertips, and thus we don’t have to work or move around like we did before.

This generation lacks physical activities as we are over dependents on the smartphone, whereas in this time youth are glued to their smartphone using the social media and it can cause negative impart for some of them, yeah not all, why did I say this many fine this as a mean of opportunities ways they can find and learn new things and also search in for jobs and reliable information.

3. Smartphone and Communication

For as long as the last 3 decade communication as be made much more easily than before as for now we have so many ways of communication, look at the new smartphone revolution that is growing like a corn, as of today we have all the accessories we need to be able to communicate take, for example, we have mobile, internet, computer and social media content, video conferencing tools, and mobile applications to communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world, at then all these resources was not available but now everything moves, exponential, with technology you can send long- or short-term message to your receiver through the use of a smartphone.

4. Education improvement

Education technology with much more improvement, technology has tackled the stress of student and change the way we learn, technology has to change the education aspect in so many ways, we now have easy way to access information, you need not carry your books around anymore because you can easily download the PDF format right inside your phone and read why you still can.

In the last 2 decade we wear not able to do all these things get information, but look right here right now what do you see information, you can always stay at home and still learn online( school online), There are different online courses for everyone with different content. In this way, technology has changed the education aspect.

5. Energy Improvement

Technology has improved in the generation of energy, energy consumption increase over time, as of 2015 fossil fuel was the most useful energy as we can’t always count on it at all time me a while technology has helped in developing a clean energy source which most country is already using.

Generation of electricity through the wind turbine, hydro power, sunlight, waves, geothermal heat has also gained a lot of momentum in recent years. So, soon, technology can help us do away with dependence on fossil fuels and embrace clean and green energy solutions.

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