How to use Iframe to embed your Google drive audio file

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Want to embed your MP3 audio file on your web page or blog? with audio hosting site like SoundCloud make it easy for you to embed your audio file seamsly, this site provide a html code for you to be able to embed the audio file on your web page, and now I have a great tip for those using Google Drive you can now embed the MP3 Audio file on your Google Drive account.

Google Drive 

This embed option work for site or blog that support iframe, embed the audio file without uploading it to other audio hosting site like vocaroo.

How to embed your MP3 audio file from your Google Drive 

First go to your Google Drive app or visit upload your MP3 Audio file after successful upload set the link sharing on for anyone on the internet to fine and view.

Copy the link Sharing code of the MP3 Audio file, you we now have to replace /view with /preview and wrap the modified URL in an IFRAME tag as shown below. 

OK, let me say this is the link I copied
<iframe frameborder="0" width="400" height="200" src=""> </iframe>

Replace the link in the iframe with the MP3 Audio link from Google Drive you copied then change the /view to /preview

You have different feature like play & pause, volume up and down, audio countdown and save the music with the icon on the top left corner.

Nice Right Good for Music Site

Here is the MP3 Audio file I uploaded Enjoy