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How to convert video to GIF using android app

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Gif has become one of the most popular ways of facial expressions for people to express themselves which required less time to view and normally repeat its self. Gif is like a video image without sound, it just makes them move on repeatedly and some of them are amazing, you can even find them on social media like Facebook, you can easily convert funny video into Gif format by selecting the time and section of a specific line you want to convert. Want to create your own Gif we got you covered as we unveil apps you can use to convert video to Gif or record your own Gif.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ also has a Gif creator after you are done with your screen recording you can then create a simple Gif time interval (20seconds), you can crop and edit with the simple Gif creator you can create awesome Gif.

2. Power Director

The power director is a video editing apps that support GIF. It's a video editor app thus, create GIF However, the Power Director has two export formats include GIF still images and animated GIFs. This will work best for turning a video into a short GIF.

3. Gif Me Camera and Gif Maker

This is just like a camera app created for Gif making, Gif me capture up to 14 seconds of video and convert to Gif then you can edit crop and add text it supports time-lapse, stop motion it also helps to convert video from your gallery to Gif's, the app adds a watermark to your Gif (free user).

4. Camera MX

This is just like the Gif Me Camera is the in-camera app you can record a short video or get photos. The app can turn the video to Gif for you. it's a good way to create a shoot for yourself. The GIF feature goes by Live Shot in the app.

5. Motion Stills

Motion Stills is a Gif creator app by Research at Google. It has two modes available, first you record a short video and then turn it into a GIF the second mode allows you to shoot slow-motion video it also allow you to create looping GIFs or combine clips into movies you can share with your friends you can speed up your GIf 8 times faster

6. GIF maker and Editor 

GIF Maker is one of the most popular GIF creators. You can cut and crop videos in your gallery to create GIFs. Create awesome GIFs using stickers, text, or edit existing GIFs.

Here is the app you can use in creating your GIf, convert video to GIF download install and start creating awesome Gif. If you will miss any awesome GIF creator app do let us know in the comment section, and don't forget to share.