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How to share your post automatically through Hootsuite

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I known many blogger don't have the time to share or distribute their blog post to their social media page or group so today we are going to show how to set your Hootsuite account and share your blog post, although they are different type of service which allow you to share your post automatically or schedule your post like; social pilot, IFTTT, Hootsuite and many other but as of today we are going to teach you are to create an account for Hootsuite.

How to Share your post Automatically through Hootsuite

Before you can do anything through Hootsuite you need to create an account, first go to you can create a free account now and upgrade later, sign up for free account, give what they requested of you which is your Name, Email and password then click create free account, after that confirm your email address and you we are redirected  to your dashboard if so.
How to Share your post Automatically through Hootsuite
Create Account for Hootsuite
How to Share your post Automatically through Hootsuite
Dashboard for Hootsuite 

For you to connect your social media channel to Hootsuite, you can do that by clicking on the avatar icon at the top right of your screen, click on Account & Settings now go to RSS/Atom you we see RSS/Atom Feeds Click the (+) plus sign under it, input your blog feed URL, on the other section that says Network to send feed item to click on the (+) sign and add your social media account you want to connect to Hootsuite.
How to Share your post Automatically through Hootsuite
Connect social media 

NB: you can only connect to (2) social media account to share your blog post because you are using a free account,  if you want to connect more you have to upgrade your account.
How to Share your post Automatically through Hootsuite

Select the social media account you which to connect with Hootsuite, if you decide to connect it to your facebook, click connect with facebook and accept the terms you we be redirected to new page to select the page you want to share your blog post, it can be your facebook group or facebook page, facebook does not accept personal profile for auto-sharing again, after selecting your choice you then be redirected to complete your setup.

Select the check this feeds for a new post every hour when new posts are found it can share up to 5 post, ✔️ mark the included text from post in the message, then select the short URL you want to use and click save. When you punish a blog post hootsuite will check your feeds for new posts and share it with your social media page.

To upgrade your free plan to a paid plan go to the left bottom corner and you we see upgrade plan, or click on the avatar icon on the top right and click Account & Settings Then you we see upgrade plan. 

Now you have seen how you can share your blog post anytime you publish a post on your blog although they are many types of service that still perform this task like IFTTT and socialpilot etc. 

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If you have any problems in settings this up Just leave a comment on the issue you face and we guide you through.

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