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Buy airtime and resell With VTpass: All you need to know

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Buying airtime is never be made easy than now, with the involvement of technology you can now buy airtime or recharge your TV subscription online with VTpass, last time I check I haven't buy airtime with money since this year. Today we bring you one of the easiest ways you can pay for service online, using the VTpass your payment for your service will be made easy.

Buy and Sell With VTpass: All you Need to know

vtpass is a self-service website that allows you to make convenient payment for your day to day or monthly services like your airtime, internet data service, Cable TV subscription for your DSTV,  GOtv Star times,  Electric Bill and many other services which it's offer, you can pay for this service online using your ATM πŸ’³ card it could be your master card, verve or visa with a quick payment gateway which is so simple.

Buy and Sell With VTpass: All you Need to know

vtpass offers the following services 
Airtime Recharge 

Data service 
TV Subscription 
Electricity Bill
Another merchant/services 

vtpass is here to stay as they offer good self-service. work on all device that is easy to navigate through. Register an account and make easy payments.

To register an account with VTpass input your Email, phone number and password and click the sign-up button your registration is finish, make payments for services, if you want to make payment for airtime or any other services, choose your what you want to pay for and click on Go Button and fill in the information they ask of your the detail of what you want to pay fo select your payment method type your card number and expiring date and the CVV which is the three single number on card turn over, input the ATM pin and type the number you use in registering the ATM card or the number that received alert when you are debited after that you we will be sent an OTP pin a one time pin for online transactions. 

You can Join vtpass Partner program and make money too,  Refer a friend and get pay for what they do.

Partner With vtpass

You can make money from VTpass with four ways 
  • Join Their Affiliate Program 
if you have a blog you can apply for the affiliate program after you have registered, apply for the affiliate program activate this feature and generate banner code which you will place on your site. 

  • Using The Widget Code
If you own a blog you can still apply for this if you want, activate this feature and embed it on your site you can place it on any page of your website and promote the page, through the widget people pay for service.

  • Become A Terminal Agent 
If you don't have a website you can become a vtpass terminal agent and resell their service in your area or anybody who is needed, resell and earn.

Sell VTpass services to customers in your location and get a commission for it.  Activate this feature after you have registered for vtpass account after you activate your account fund your wallet for easy payment and market VTpass service in your location.

  • Refer A Friend
If you don't have a site or you can't participate in becoming a terminal agent you can simply refer your friends and earn a commission for every transaction they make for the next 30 days after you have registered an account with VTpass, you can refer by Number or Email address.

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