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Facebook is expanding its Express Wi-Fi program

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Facebook is expanding its Express Wi-Fi program across the globe, which helps in the improvement of network and connection for developing the market in and out. Facebook which tested it's Express Wi-Fi three years ago has since expanded it to five countries which include Nigeria,  India, Tanzania, Indonesia and Kenya with 10 partners.

The Express Wi-Fi offer full unrestricted access to the web, not a selection of site like the free basics which only support pre-approved site.

The Express Wi-Fi program will still include local business owners to installed Wi-Fi hotspot services, which facebook has partnered with, while the partner set the price and facebook provider the software, now facebook is launching a partnership program that will allow access point manufacturers to build devices compatible with Express Wi-Fi, meanwhile the operator and ISP will work with entrepreneur who wants to resell their internet access in their own communities.

 The partner program for Express Wi-Fi announced that the company has been working with the manufacturers to build new access point that better detect registration pages and more accurately count the amount of Wi-Fi data consumed.

This feature will now allow the Wi-Fi service provider to sell their prepaid access and different type of traffic class, like giving some service free.

Facebook says having hardware manufacturers on board will help its operator partners more easily set up and manage their Express Wi-Fi hotspots.