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Apple break down gambling app in China

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Apple breaks down on gambling apps and illegal content from china after it has removed gambling-related apps from its app store.


Apple removed thousands of related gambling app,  WSJ they have said to report that apple removes 25,000 apps from its store but it seems that Apple did not say the number of apps removed from its store. 

The gambling apps removed came after apple has been criticized by several state media report for failing to prevent top-notch issues such as spam, pornography gambling and many others concerning its businesses in Asia.

The criticism which has been linked to the ongoing war trade by U. S and China by TechCrunch- a spat that cost Qualcomm it's $44 billion acquisition of NXP.

A spokesperson told TechCrunch that " Gambling apps are not allowed and it illegal on the app store in China, they have already purged out many gambling apps and developers trying to distribute these apps, but they are vigilant in their efforts to find these apps and stop them from being in the app store. 

Apple which has removed more than 50 VPN apps take criticism for kowtowing to Beijing. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the apps removed by apple are to comply with Chinese law.