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How to fix app not installed on your android phone

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Apk App not installed on your android device? just don't panic because we are here to guide you through on how to fix app not installed on android phone, it so frustrating when you get an error message while installing app on your smartphone; this message is usually common upon app-installed, App not installed, Application not installed or There was a problem parsing package; this problem is mostly caused by app not downloading the full package or there is some file missing or when transferring app from one phone to the other and the connection break and you think 🤔 the transfer is done but it not done yet so you have to reconnect it and continue the file transfer. Check out this post on how to extend your phone battery life.

App Not Installed

The Main Reason for Error installation is Cause by

1. Android manifest- This is required for all android app which has a set of permission for the app like; permission for internet, vibrate and a lot more, if and an error occurs is may cause the app not to install. 

2. The App version (Gradle file)- Another reason for your app not installing may be caused by the app SDK version which is not supported for your device, so find the one that supports your device.

3. The App Build- Your app not installing may be caused by a corrupted file in the core that has been modified by the app user to perform some action and it then not installing on your smartphone. App not installed can also be caused by unsigning app and unfinished file transfer. 

4. Limited Storage- Most of the app not installed is caused by phone limited or SD-card storage, so I advise you before you installed any app make sure you have enough storage to save the file.

5. Storage Location And Corrupt Storage- App not installed may also be caused by your phone storage location some app work best on internal storage, if your storage is corrupt with a virus or order malware it may cause the app not to installed.

6. SD-card Not Mounted- if your SD-card is not mounted it can cause the app not installed on your device.

How To Fix App Not Installing On Android Phone
Fix app to installed now on your device
Fix app file now 
App not installing fix now

1. Install Your App From Google Play- The Top Most on how to fix app not installed for your android device,  it is setting that if you download the app from another source, it can cause app not Installed and you will now option in install from an unknown source, but if you downloaded the app from Google Play store no need to option the install from an unknown source it is protected and confirm by play protect, so download your app from Google Play Store to install your app seamlessly.

2. Reset App Permission- Reset the app permission to void app not installed

Go to settings Go to Apps Or App Notification or App Manager click see an app or check for all apps click the icon menu on the right top of your screen and reset app permission.

3. Create Enough Storage Space- Delete file not important to you, remove the photo, video, music both important to make space for your phone and you will be able to install the app. 

4. Change Storage Location- Change your phone storage location if the app persists not installed, mind changing it to the internal storage.

5. Your SD-card Might Be Corrupted- Format your SD-card your external storage might be affected by a virus. Even your internal storage too still format if you discover an issue with your internal storage.

6. Mount Your SD-card- If your SD-card is not mounted, and you select the external storage for your install location it won't work except you month the SD-card. 

7. Use An Older Version Of the App- if the app still persists not to install, use the older version, maybe the current version is not supported by your device. 

8. Allow App From an unknown Source- if you are installing your all outside of play store check-in allowing app from an unknown source.

9. Reboot Your Phone- You will have to reboot your phone if the situation still persists. 
I hope this tip was helpful, and you successfully installed your desire app, we know that the Android app not installed can be fixed at one time if you follow our instruction given 👆. Do leave a comment below if you have any problem and don't forget to share.