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8 ways we can use technology In our everyday lives

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Technology grows every day and in a much-advanced version of itself. We use technology in our everyday life which has given us a lot of benefits, in all aspect of things done, technology in our life made it easier for self-service, it is easier to make a bank transfer just with our phone than before, easier communication and help to send short messages.

Every part of our lives is related to science and technology with tech being updated in a more advanced way, the everyday new feature is coming up.

We outline the technologies of the future we would expect in the nearest future and the trending piece of tech you should know about and tech innovation.

Today we show you surprising ways you're using technology in your everyday lives. In our lives technology surrounds us it is in everything we do whether big or small, we can fine simple technology in our home, business and industrial even health center, for example, your electric cooker, television machine, etc. Technology is the system or device of scientific knowledge that is used for practice in creating a product. Which include machine and others created for easy access.

1. Technology in Communication 

Technology in Communication has made it easier for us all to communicate with ease, like before in the old time when we have to write a letter to our loved one and which take time for the letter to get to its destination but with technology communication is made easy.

We can now send a short text message with the help of social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp etc.

Technology has also made business meeting easy with the intention you will be late for the meeting, don't worry with the advancement of technology you can now be in the meeting in a virtual form by using video calling then you can engage and discuss with your partner social and site service that supports this include Skype, Webex, Whatsapp and Go ToMetting, etc. Our Smartphone - we all know this is one of the major tech we use in our everyday life which give us many features and access to android app which made it simple to manage and give access to certain things, with the smartphone we can do a lot of things simple and easy using mobile banking, paying a bill, buying recharge card and many more.

2. Technology in Housing and Life Style improvement

Technology in Housing and LifeStyle has been imparted by the modern technology, most of the things in your home today are automated, technology in our home makes our lives easier organized and safer, like the automated door lock which you can only unlock with your card, your security camera, etc. Technology has made it easier for us to shop around just with our mobile phone or laptop from the comfort of our home read news and information with easy access. Cooking - yes we use technology in cooking which made it faster and easy to use like the electric cooker, hot plate with this you can be sure to have your food cooked in know time and also other home appliances which help to save time like the washing machine.

3. Technology in Transportation 

Technology in Transportation, modern transportation has made it possible for an individual to travel a long distance from one place to another, transportation has never been made easy than now, transportation is a part of our everyday life that why technology has been making it more advanced in a quicker and efficiency regular.

In the good old days, transportation has never been made easy as now, we can't just imagine life without technology, with a well-developed transport base parties like the cars, train, airplane, ship and all this have become our basic need over the year and in more years to come. The electric car is now taking the world by storm.

4. Technology in Businesses and industrial 

Technology in Businesses and Industrial, we can not fine technology just in our home but also in the industry, in fact, this is where the product is being made, housing technology is made in the industry this is called manufacturing, many of the housing technology started in the industry. The industry has a lot of technology you can't fine at home like the robot that is set to construct a car. In the industry today they now use an automated system to manage and produce their goods in mass production. Businesses have never been made easy as now, some retail stores no longer track inventory but with the information system, they can track current inventory.

Some system able to communicate with suppliers to notify them when to supplier and when not to.
Buying and selling has now be made ease, why technology has made buying and selling of goods safer and ease to use in a flexible way, technology brings the new payment system, the e-payment system which allows user and customer to purchases anything online from the comfort of their home without stress, going to the Bank to make payment is too stressful, the queue will just discourage you.

Examples of the online e-payment are PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Google Wallet etc this e-payment system is used.

5. Technology in Health Industry 

Technology in Health Industry, we have seen it that technology is growing in the healthcare center which is driving improving it facilities, the modern hospital with surgical equipment face lower death rate because of the equipment provided and the doctor, with technology you can be able to test your blood, do a body scan with x-ray and also test your sugar level, etc.

6. Technology in Education 

Technology in Education has made an enormous change in society with the invention of gadgets and mobile app and with the help of search engine, it is easier for the student to learn.

You can now access a full student library with your mobile android app or through a website.
Technology has made education easier and simple, some education apps for learning Coursera, khan Academy, Duolingo and app with this app you can learn a variety of things even language learning. Duolingo is one of the best apps for language learning.




7. Technology in Agriculture 

Technology in agriculture has made farming easy which as change the setup of the agriculture industry replacing human labor with a machine that is controlled and operates by the human. In agriculture, the main factor is productivity the more your productivity is good and free from harm the more you make a profit.

Technology has helped the farmer manage their time with the machine you can do much work in a short time like planting harvesting and digging all this help to save time.

8. Technology in Banking 

Technology in banking has made it easier for a user to pay bills. Most banks now offer mobile and online banking, customers made use of the service daily to check their finance even most companies and business use it to pay their employees and transfer money to their business partner.

You can now withdraw your cash with the help of technology. Example of all this is the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), banking app is sure all bank we have the mobile banking app.
Bringing the most insight about technology on our everyday lives is worth talking about without technology everything is limited, but as we always say everything does not come in a rush, stay turn for our next article, please share this article and don't forget to subscribe to receive our latest update.