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What do you think about the latest technology trend, as we put together some technologies of the future, this top tech trend are mind blowing, in favour of the advancement in technology. Information is now so easy to get as it is found in the world wide web. Why It’s important to know what’s coming up next in the tech world?, so you can budget and leverage the right tech that will propel and shot your business forward.

internet of things Some of this trending tech was discussed at one of the largest tech conferences in the world. The AI, VR and AR, IoT smart cars, 5G Technology, Wireless Charging all this and many more.

Technology in the order hand is a series of threats while in the modern society things go wrong because of Cyber criminal. But in the good aspect, there's an optimistic forecast of high-tech development, so today we are showing you the top trending piece of tech you should know about.


This year has already shown what Augmented Reality can do in game development but, there are much more ways of using the augmented reality and the technology can be used wider. AR is often considered much more useful for end users than virtual reality because it can add virtual layers of information to the real world.

This was discussed in the CES, though, know AR is likely to explode this year and years to come, providing experiences that immerse users while keeping them connected, many of which will be available on mobile.


The 5G technology will be with a fast blazing speed and a high computing power, that will change the world of tech, which will more be more at it download at a higher speed in multi-gigabit, the IoT is support by the network.


The Facial recognition software is another tech that’s not new but is making great improvement. This might be one of the cool features on the Tecno Camon X Pro.

The facial recognition is for security purpose and the other biometric solutions to improve security in the coming year on everything from standard video systems to mobile device access.


Thanks to the IoT the Internet of Things and its good sensor technology can connect devices together which are everywhere, but let’s get more micro for a minute – ironic because sensors are micro themselves.

A key theme from CES is the expansion of sensors in both their numbers and their capabilities. Debuted at CES, for example, L’Oreal’s UV Sense is battery-less and sticks to your thumbnail, monitoring your level of exposure in the sun, among other variables. This is proof you can look in 2018 to usher in a new class of wearables.


Using the wireless charger also called inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction.

This is done with a charging station, energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device which can then use that energy to charge batteries or run the device. imagine charging your phone without its basic wire charger connected to it. We live in a digital world where almost anything is possible; the Wireless charging is on is way, with brands like Powercast and Energous unveiling chargers that send power to multiple devices over the air.


Blockchain, this is one of the top tech trend in the world of technology, it has made a lot of popularity, the growth of the Blockchain was known in 2017, the cryptocurrencies, people receive bitcoin and made it an easy way to get rich, the Blockchain provide a secure and digital transaction,

In most of the develop countries, this trend is popular, and more developing teams use it to send and receive bitcoin as well as mining with computer.


In almost everything, AI is implemented, and many trends on this list fall into that vein. This will be the year of “smarter” everything including smarter products, smarter vehicles, smarter processes, smarter consumer goods, smarter tech solutions, as the AI is a an autonomous computer.

If you do not consider the artificial intelligence (AI)  as a an autonomous computer capable of processing all the information in the world, in a specialized form it is already used in many fields — for example, in some autonomous vehicles, Facebook algorithms, voice assistants, smart and connected homes, the AI is mostly use in big tech companies.


The Internet of Things technologies have been popular in the digital community for many years, but this year showed the real potential of smart home devices and the role of mobile gadgets in it.

The technology is not limited to solutions for the smart and connected homes, its main idea is to introduce technologies in our everyday life. We hope that soon each home device connected to the Internet will be common at every home.

We expect something new every year, and 2019 is no exception.  If you know of any other tech that will be the ground breaking material, let us know in the comments below.

From a budding list on the start-point of all tech is to know what’s around the corner in your industry, keeping up with enterprise tech trends is a key to staying competitive in the digital world.